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Baguette Packaging

Baguette packaging have become essential packaging for fast foods due to baguette becoming one of the most preferred lunches across the UK, serving as a perfect alternative for sandwiches in most take away shops and fast food cafes.

Our Baguette packaging range from bioplastic baguette boxes to  kraft baguette sleeves bags with and without windows to transparent PLA bags.

These baguette boxes and sleeves are also ideal for serving hotdog wraps and do offer best option to keep baguettes fresh .

These packaging baguette ranges includes regular paper, oil and grease resistant paper, both either with or without PLA windows.

Our Cellulose bags are clear, shiny packaging made from trees harvested from non-rain forest tree farms. Composition and barrier properties make cellulose well suited for food packaging.

Our baguette bags are heat sealable , exceptionally transparent, and 100% Compostable. They make a great choice for packaging greasy or oily products

Eco-Friendly Baguette Packaging

Our range of baguette packaging includes plastic baguette boxes, card baguette sleeves and bread bags to name a few. This range includes biodegradable baguette packaging that is friendly on price, as well as the environment.

Our baguette packaging offers a stylish solution to keeping your restaurant's baguette serving fresh and well-presented. With multiple sizes, designs and prices ranges available, you’re sure to find the perfect packaging for you.

We recommend our popular biodegradable greaseproof paper baguette sleeves as a low cost alternative for baguette packaging compared to card board baguette sleeves, offering ease of use and requires minimal storage space as oppose to the conventional nested baguette trays.

Our Kraft Baguette Sleeves are suitable for baguettes, paninis, sausage rolls and more. Our Baguette sleeves range from packaging with windows to those without window. Ideal for all food outlets and shops. Our brown baguette sleeves with Window gives an ideal presentation option so food contents can be seen from the bag exterior.

All of our products originate from renewable resources and are biodegradable and compostable under the proper conditions. Under appropriate conditions, we have seen our bags degrade in a home compost in under 90 days.

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