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Paper Cups

Collection Description

Disposable Coffee Paper Cups with Lids

At Streetfood Packaging, we offer various types of disposable coffee cups and takeaway coffee cups for hot drinks in ranges of single walled, ripple and double walled paper coffee cups which come in various colours and sizes. Streetfood Packaging supplies a wide range of paper coffee cups and hot drink cups perfect for cafes and restaurants. Our bestselling disposable coffee cups with lids are 4oz, 8oz and 12oz. Our Disposable Cups with lids are environmentally friendly ranging from biodegradable paper coffee cups to recyclable coffee takeaway cups.

Paper Cups Wholesale

With Our fantastic and unbeatable wholesale value prices, you'll save a lot when you buy our disposable coffee cups. So, whether you're looking for single wall takeaway coffee cups, double wall paper coffee cups, ripple cups, or brown takeaway coffee cups for hot drinks; Streetfood Packaging have all the coffee cup accessories you need to keep your coffee shop beaming with every day’s fresh coffee. Our disposable coffee cups with lids come in matching colours of white and brown; with fitting sip-thru lids as well as matching insulating coffee sleeves for the single wall cups.
Order online today and get your takeaway coffee cups wholesale delivered straight to your doorstep at wholesale prices.

Explore our paper coffee cups both single-wall and double-wall paper cups for hot beverages. Our double-wall hot cups offer unique user experience for your restaurant with the best in class convenience and comfort for your on-the-go customers.
All our takeaway coffee cups are either 100% biodegradable or recyclable, they are completely environmentally friendly and the double wall coffee cups are designed to protect your customers’ hands from the heat when serving your tea and coffee.
We stock a wide range of disposable coffee cups with lids and we’re happy to partner with you on wholesale paper cups for hot drinks.

Double Wall Paper Coffee Cups

Our double wall paper cups for hot drinks come with amazing heat retention. They are the best option for your customers as they do not release heat to the level that hurts the hands. Our double wall coffee takeaway hot cups are amazing as they retain their heat keeping the hot beverage inside warm a longer time. Make your customers enjoy your coffee serving with these sturdy double wall hot cups.

Single wall Coffee Takeaway Cups

If you’re looking for the best bargain in disposable coffee cups, then you need to explore our single wall takeaway coffee cups including our biodegradable "Envirosip" Brands - stylish, Eco-friendly, strong, durable and great for hot and cold drinks. Biodegradable coffee compostable tea cups are ideal for office supplies.
Our "Envirosip" hot cup brand are made with a starch based lining - 100% biodegradable - helps coffee shops and restaurants to be more environmentally responsible and demonstrate their commitment to the environment.
Made from certified FSC board lined with a starch material, the "Envirosip" cup are 100% biodegradable, so very kind to the environment. The cups are available in a variety of sizes and there is also a fully compostable sip thru lid to fit each size.
Our single wall cups are perfect for tea and coffee servings and we've got snugly lids for each cup.

Ripple Cups

These Ripple cups are triple wall disposable paper cups designed for hot drinks.
With triple layers of cardboard helps reduce the number of clutches or cup sleeves required when handling hot drinks such as coffee, soups and tea.
Our ripple wall paper cup is the hottest selling range product among our hot cups due to its amazing temperature retention capability. Hence they are perfect for extremely hot coffee or tea.
Ripple coffee cups
Our product range provides high quality biological ripple coffee cups in 5 common sizes: 4oz, 8oz, 10z, 12oz and 16oz and 20oz ripple cups. Available in Brown , White and Black, our Ripple Coffee Cups are fantastic everyday Paper Cups for Coffee, Tea and other hot drinks.
Our disposable Coffee Cup sizes range from espresso cups to larger double wall coffee takeaway cups which are perfect as takeaway latte cups or for hot chocolate on the go. With a range of takeaway cup lids also available, you’re bound to find the perfect style and shape for your cafe’s takeaway coffee. Styles range from ripple wall cups to coffee cups with lids, meaning now’s the time to make your takeaway drinks as attractive as possible.

Compostable Ripple Coffee Cups with Lids

According to Packaging Waste Directive and Standards for Compostability, DIN13432, an environmentally friendly ripple cup decomposes in an industrial composting facility within a maximum of 90 days. Our ripple cups are completely compostable within 90 days and they are 100% recyclable so can be recycled along with food waste.

Biodegradable Ripple wall Coffee Takeaway Cups

Our 3-layered ripple cups are coated with the bioplastic PLA in the interior, hence they do not leak or soak up fluid. In comparison to conventional plastics, this process wastes less non-renewable energies and releases less CO2.

Buy your Ripple Coffee Cups wholesale from Streetfood Packaging

We offer tailored prizes for special orders of our premium ripple wall paper cups. Please contact us for wholesale prices if you wish to order bulk ripple cups from us. 25.000 pieces or more.
Perfect for Tea, Coffee and Hot Chocolate, whether it is at home or in a cafe, can also be recycled after use

Customise your Ripple Paper Coffee Cups

If you like us, you love standing out, you will certainly enjoy exclusive logo cups with a rippled outer layer. Branded ripple cups always look very aesthetic and makes your foodshop stand out from the rest.
Contact us on 0333 222 0771 and we can brand your ripple cups the way you and your customers would love.
We also offer biodegradable cups and matching cup accessories like hot cup lids and coffee cup carriers

Style up your biodegradable cup with these paper coffee cup accessories. Fully compostable and biodegradable hot cup lids with sip thru built in to fit your cups. Be it 4oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, or the larger sizes of 20oz and above, we've got all your hot cup lids available.
Add excitement to your customer's day with our disposable coffee cups; combine our coffee takeaway cups with our ergonomic sip thru lids to give your customers a perfect On-the-Go experience.
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