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Plastic Juice Bottles

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Plastic Juice Bottles

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Juice Bottles

Enhance the look of your restaurant, and cafes with our recyclable juice bottles. These bottles are handy and can be used as takeaways, and even on long trips. 500mL juice bottles have tight closure preventing easy spill.

At Streetfood Packaging, we offer an attractive range of plastic juice bottles that are suitable for a range of fluids including fruit juices, mineral waters, milkshakes and even yoghurts. These transparent juice bottles are capable of holding over 250ml and 500 mL liquid and semi-liquid content and are manufactured in food grade approved plastic. These juice bottles come in a variety of shapes and lids. We ensure 100% quality of all our products. You get over 200 perfect plastic juice bottles at a price range under your budget.  A great deal for your cafe and restaurants!

Our plastic juice bottles are light-weight and robust that gives your drinks and juices an excellent look during display. The lids stay intact and fit to prevent leakages. These bottles are also easy to use and prevent contamination of the content stored inside. The juice bottles are the perfect fit for storage in cafes, stalls, and food markets, etc. Customer health and satisfaction is our foremost priority. Hence, we manufacture products in petroleum free plastic. However, we recommend our customers to avoid storing carbonated drinks in these bottles.

Superior quality, eco-friendliness, and longevity are the unique propositions of all the plastic bottles available at Streetfood Packaging. These bottles are the most environment-friendly alternative currently available to us. We emphasize on health and welfare of our customers. Hence, by offering such environmental-friendly products, we hope that the negative impact of using bad quality plastic containers will no more impact the health of your customers using them for their retreats.   

So, check out our exclusive range of juice bottles and add a modern appearance to your content!


Product Reviews

  • I’d say these juice bottles have really made my work easy and hassle-free. From easy storage to stylish look, these eco-friendly bottles just work great for your juice parlour. Amazing product, worth purchase.
  • Go for it....that’s what I could say. You won’t regret spending your money.