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Soup Containers

Collection Description

Soup Containers

Our attractive takeaway soup containers, all produced from sustainable paper boards; are great for hot and wet dishes take away foods like soups and pastas. They're also perfect for cold or frozen meals such as ice creams. Manufactured from paper sourced from sustainable sources, all these soup packaging containers are lined with a moisture barrier components making them to be leak proof and durable takeaway soup containers meant for virtually all meal servings.


Disposable Soup containers

Soup is usually a dominant afternoon meal choice in UK, particularly during the cold months of winter. Therefore as a cool and trendy take away eatery, you'd surely require takeaway soup containers to serve your soup customers. Streetfood Packaging supply a big selection of affordable and properly insulated disposable soup containers perfect for each and every takeaway food shop and takeaway restaurants. These soup packaging containers tend to be the most ideal option for both hot meals and cold meals as they maintain heat on hot foods as well as cold foods.


Plastic Soup Cups

The plastic soup cups selection comes in numerous dimensions from 240ml up to 670ml. All these soup containers well suited for use within the microwave oven, refrigerator as well as for hot scorching dishes.
All our soup cups come with matching lids, this means you can purchase one box of matching lids for every box of soup containers.


Branding your Soup Containers

Contemplating printing your soup containers? We do provide premium quality branding and labelling on quantities as low as 10,000.
Contact us on or on 0333 222 0771 to discuss your branding needs.

Biodegradable Soup Cups

We carry quite a lot of biodegradable Soup cups which are lined with a starch based substance, so you can dispose them together with food waste.
Available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 26oz and 32oz, these takeaway soup cups handle scorching hot foods.

Should your customers fancy a break from sandwiches, home-made soup or stews would be next best alternative and using our handy leak-proof takeaway soup containers that allows them to make the most of your leftovers, is your best option if you need qualify soup cups.
With a good surface hand grip , you can conveniently grip it even just after heating in the microwave, your customers can have a healthy and balanced, hot meal to take along with them on the go.

Food Storage Soup Containers

Our plastic soup cups are best for storing soup, stews and hot refreshments for a number of days in the refrigerator. Therefore whether your customers are usually on-the go or perhaps you’re saving some meals servings for an additional day, our plastic soup containers help you maintain your meals fresh, healthy and warm at all times.
With separate matching lids, you can choose your lid sizes or do some mix and match with our lid types.
For hot foods, the lids have added feature of release vents which help prevent splatter during heating, hence your best option. If you serve yoghurts and smoothies, the clear domed lids are best for piling up those tasty toppings on top of your frozen yoghurts.

 Soup Containers for Lunch

Soup for lunch is great aside from any time it lands up throughout the on the inside of your customers’ bags. We understand most soup lovers must have tried out lots of methods over time, from rubber bands across the exterior of the soup container to separating it in a plastic bag. Really, every of your soup customers would just like a takeaway soup container that work well! And one of these items in our soup container collection would certainly get the job done?

You'll serve afternoon meal well conveniently with our Soup cups to goyou’re your customers would be able to heat up contents in the microwave oven until they get steaming hot. Plus, the lid has vents to let vapor escape while it is heating which means you avoid splashing of hot content. These soup containers are best for re-heating meals for lunch or hot drinks while on the move. Our Soup containers are available in brown and white colours and range from 8oz to 12oz, 16oz 24oz and 32oz and are both competitively priced, with good thermal attributes; matched with flat or domed compostable lids, as well as completely environmentally friendly.

Our biodegradable plastic soup containers are made for hot soup or even frosty ice cream, as well as pasta, noodles and warming stews. They're constructed from strong sustainably-sourced board, lined with starch-based PLA.
Our attractive soup containers are incredibly reasonably priced compared to other alternatives on the market. Each soup container is sold separately - feel free to choose flat lids for your soup containers, or clear domed lids for a pile of appetizing toppings on your frozen yoghurt!

Our Multipurpose 12oz brown soup containers, best for cold and hot treats such as ice cream, frozen yoghurt, saucy pasta or hot porridge to go.


Brown Soup Containers

Our brown soup containers create a natural connection with the environment and creates a unique conection between your customers and nature. They are high temperature tolerant so great for sizzling hot dishes such as soup. They are available in 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 26oz and 32oz with vented lid to fit each container size.

These soup containers are the ideal purchase for any Street food business looking to live green or want to upgrade their cafe using the most recent food packaging supplies to delight their customers.

Our large soup containers keep your soups hot and safe during transportation, so if you’re looking for durable, non-leak containers for all of your very hot soups? Try our plastic Soup Containers available in several sizes.
Keep your soup servings hot and secure using an assortment of resilient paper soup containers, including our 8oz, 12oz, 16oz, 22oz and 32 oz soup cups.

Why opt for Takeaway Soup Containers to be able to serve your customers for foods on-the-go?

Generally a few things tend to be more satisfying and energizing like a cup of very hot soup on a cold winter months day. The actual sensation associated with cozy soup is always a delightful relief during the cold, from the moment your customers lay their hands round the soup pots to the second they swallow their hot mouthful of yummy soup. Consequently, it is recommended for Street food shops and businesses that offer takeaway soup to find a way to keep the warmth in order to present customers the most beneficial encounter they are worthy of.

As a solution to your soup container needs, Streetfood Packaging presents to you each of our high-quality takeaway soup containers, guaranteed to be completely leak-proof and durable. Our takeaway soup containers are designed to maintain the temperatures of the contents stable, making them perfect for takeaway and even eating in.

Even better, All of our cardboard soup containers are designed to be multipurpose, ideal for serving different kinds of dishes, from porridge to frosty ice cream, yoghurt, salads, noodle and pasta, which makes them useful all through the year. You may also make them more exceptional by using our custom style and design branding service, where we print your brand name and right around the soup containers.

Just give us a call on 0333 222 0771 or email us on for custom printing service.

Soup as our most Cherished Food

Soup is a well-liked lunch break alternative all around Britain, particularly during the most cold days. Consequently you are going to of course require safe and sound, specifically made and excellent to use, takeaway soup containers.

Streetfood Packaging supply a selection of reasonably priced and well insulated takeaway soup containers. Each soup cup is a marvellous choice for offering soup, but sometimes also create a amazing solution for serving pasta, noodles, stew and even hot drinks. Ensure that your yummy soup is served with high quality packaging by selecting from our range of premium soup
Paper soup cups are available in an array of 8oz, 12oz and 16oz , 26oz and 32oz sizes. We also offer some radiant, nice-looking designs as well as the typical plain white options.

Durable Takeaway Soup Cups with Clear plastic lid.

8oz Soup Containers - the smallest member of our soup container family.
Great for for trade show tastings, or for small servings of ice cream, frosty yoghurt or sizzling hot soups. Fits the same lids as our 10oz soup containers and is also suitable for serving hot sauces, porridge, soup, pasta, or frosty ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and takeaway salads.


Freezing and reheating soup, which soup containers are the best option?

We like to make plenty of soup and freeze them in various part containers. We bring it to work with us and then heat up in the microwave at the office. Having non-leaking soup containers is the most important requirement, but also having containers that are healthy and not leaking chemicals into our soup and onto our bodies is pretty important to us as well. We'd love to hear your suggestions!
Plastic leak proof soup and deli containers for food service establishments. Most restaurants love the plastic soup containers for takeout because they don't leak and they stack well in a brown paper takeout bag. We are the leading supplier of plastic round soup containers and deli containers for restaurant takeaway and fast foods.

Our small 8oz Soup cups are biodegradable; the inner is also lined with environmentally friendly thin film making them fully recyclable. Strong thermal insulating properties make this product ideally suited to hot beverages.

We supply these disposable takeaway soup containers as unbranded items so they can be used in a wide variety connected with environments. Customers commonly soup containers item for Soup, Pasta or Noodles - this makes the range popular with the takeaway "food to go" market.