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Takeaway Food Boxes

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Takeaway Food Boxes

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Takeaway Food Boxes

Our Takeaway Food Boxes include Paper Food Boxes and Bagasse  food containers.  Made from sugarcane waste material, and are naturally compostable and suitable for hot, wet and oily foods.

These takeaway boxes and containers are perfectly made for all takeaway dishes. These are the most preferred option by most of food-to-go shops and companies because they are water resistant, grease-proof and sturdy. Discover our  Ranges from simple Bagasse hinged lid boxes, plates to  our two to three compartment containers. Made of natural and renewable resources, they offer the healthiest option for all food shops, hence they are best for serving wet dishes.

Our bagasse food containers are not only suitable for take away dishes in restaurants but also for delivering services. These bagasse containers ensure a save packaging and transport of hot dishes, even with a lot of sauce.


Hot Food Boxes for Catering

Our Biodegradable Hot food Boxes are perfectly suited for all catering events and also for all take away food shops. Designed with fold down flaps to seal them, these leak-proof hot food boxes are amazing for keeping food hot or cold in transit. They are very light weight food boxes, very easy to carry and can be stacked for storing when they are not in use. Made from very sustainable boards which are coated with a fully compostable material, they are eco-friendly and biodegradable.

Whether you're catering for small or large events, weddings, hospitals or schools our range of hot food boxes would match your requirements.  Our customers love them and use them a lot for serving jacket potatoes, rice, curry, and noodles.


Bagasse packaging

Our bagasse containers can be closed in several ways. We have the simple bagasse hinged lid boxes, bagasse food containers with separate lids as well as sealable bagasse trays with sealing films. Furthermore, we also provide sugarcane boxes with two or three compartments. If you do not se what you are looking for, just contact us and we would get them for you.

Sugarcane containers are compostable

All bagasse containers are made of natural and renewable resources and does not require any additional coatings. Due to its natural characteristics, bagasse boxes are sturdy,  greaseproof, heatproof and impermeable to water. You may also transport dishes with lots of sauce without soaking through the bagasse container.


Biodegradable Food Containers UK Wholesale

Food containers and fast food packaging are key component of business for all UK takeaways and fast food restaurants due to the convenience it creates for customers. These inexpensive food packaging containers and disposable containers have made it easy for takeaway shops in the UK to serve their customers with affordable food containers without making a big dent on business' profit.

Here at Stroits, we provide biodegradable food containers at unbeatable wholesale prices. Our wide range of biodegradable food containers come in a variety of sizes, materials and styles so you're sure to find a perfect food packaging for your food shop.

Huge Range of Food packaging containers

Our huge range of food packaging caters for every food business from high street foodshops to mobile catering and event planning, with our biodegradable food containers such as burger boxes, take away salad boxes and compostable food containers being our hottest selling products.

Our customers love our range of compostable food packaging containers because they are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and compostable, hence produce much less waste than do their foam counterparts.

Our Take Away food boxes are perfectly suited to street food shops and catering business, and we use sustainable board which is coated with a fully compostable material for our biodegradable food containers, so very friendly for the environment.

Our bagasse food containers are ideal to serve fish and chips, burgers, and jacket potatoes.
Our Pizza Boxes are very popular as they come plain so you can apply your own branding. And we stock 9", 12" and 14"sizes.

We stock a huge range of biodegradable food containers and our food packaging range continues to expand with new items regularly added.

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So whether you are looking for compostable food packaging containers, bespoke food containers for your foodshop, Stroits is your one-stop shop for best bargains.

Buy from Streetfood Packaging online today and get your food containers delivered straight to your doorstep next day.

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