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Salad Containers

Food-to-go has never been this trendy within the UK with the help of our salad containers. These 100%  leak-proof containers are the ultimate packing for your salad servings.

Most people still wonder why they pack a gorgeous, vegetable filled salad for their lunches, only to find at noon that its gone soggy, sodden, and completely unappetizing. Most times they think the salad is the problem, but it’s not the salad — it’s your salad container! These salad containers keep greens crisp, dressing unspilled, and your plans for a healthy, homemade lunch unspoiled.

At Streetfood Packaging, we know it hard work to combine your day-to-day work with healthy eating. This is why have provided these salad containers for you to serve your on-the-go  customers fresh salads for their lunch.

Our salad containers range from 250ml small fuzione trays to 1000ml clear rPET containers, so we have everything you need for your fresh salad servings.

Our rPET containers are made from recycled PET containers so we have given another life to those containers which is awesome for the environment.

RPET Deli Containers

Our Deli containers made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET plastic. These clamshell-style containers are clear, strong, and durable. Whether you’re packaging soups and stews or holding extra ingredients in your kitchen, these deli containers are just what you need.Hence recommended for serving deli salads, spreads, sandwiches, fresh cut fruit, cookies, and green salads.

Our wide range of crystal clear Deli Containers, all produced from fully compostable cornstarch, available in different sizes. Thier fitting lids prevent leaks and spillages, making these Deli Containers ideal for coleslaw, pasta and fresh fruit.

Lids are sold separately to fit each size, with one common lid fitting four of the sizes in the range.

Their resealable capability and the availability of a lid to fit; makes them ideal vessel for stacking and hygienic storage of contents. Keep your fresh food looking at its very best.These are practical additions to your cafes, takeaways and restaurants. Perfect for retail shop or supermarket selling salads, antipasti, cold snacks and other cold foods.

Salad Containers Wholesale

All our food packaging supplies are offered in wholesale prices so you receive massive bargains when you order these food packaging suplies from our online shop. And if you order before 12 noon today, you receive it the next day at your doorstep, and also at no cost if your order is more than £70.

If you have bespoke needs, please contact us and we can tailor our supplies to meet our business needs. Yes  we are that flexible.