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brand my cafe

We specialize in high quality branding and designing new products from scratch. Please get in touch if you are considering this.


We can brand most of our packaging. We have made a list of the most popular products that customers brand. Check it out below. We can store these for you or you can take them in one drop; contact us for more information.

Generally the lead time is 8-10 weeks from order to delivery. If you would like to brand a product not on this list below then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Product Minimum Print Quantity (pieces)
Single Wall Cups 10,000
Ripple Cups 10,000
Double Wall Cups 10,000
Sleeves 10,000
Bioboxes 30,000
Soup Containers 30,000
Bioplastic Cups 40,000
PP Cups 40,000
Sandwich Wedges 50,000
Napkins 30,000
Paper Carrier Bags 10,000


Printed stickers are a great and low risk way to brand your packaging. The minimum order is only 1000. We just need to know the size, shape, colours and quantity to get you a quote.


If you want to design and create a new product we can help. For example you might want a product that we already stock but with different dimensions or maybe you want to create a totally new product. Please contact us and we will be able to assist you from initial concept, to design, to development, to manufacture, to storage and distribution. Below are some bespoke products we have made.