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100% Recyclable Products

Biodegrable Packaging

To continuously provide you with a complete line of premium renewable, biodegradable and compostable packaging solutions at minimum cost to your business.

Packaging made from Renewable sources

Our food packaging lines are made from annually renewable resources such as corn-starch and bamboo fibre and natural birch-wood so you can be rest assured they pose no health risks for your customers, so go ahead and give them some nice treat with our green products.

Because we care so much about your Business

Now the most important one of all. We do care about your business and your success. You are not just another number, you won’t be passed on, and you will always be provided the most intimate, responsive levels of customer support.

Be Environmentally Responsible without Breaking the Bank

We know that Eco-friendly food packaging supplies are not cheap for growing food businesses. Hence our competitively priced best quality food containers which help your business achieve its sustainability goals with less spend.

Commercially Compostable

Majority of our products receive another life through recycling, our RPET product lines are a good example of recycled products being reused. The rest are 100% biodegradable or fully compostable with your food wastes.

We Offer you only Health Safe Products

We are not just another packaging retailer. Our Eco-friendly packaging range are safe for your customers, and safe for the environment – No Health Issues, No Toxins, No Chemicals. No Foams and and most importantly No Polystyrene containers!

Our 100% commitment is to you

We would always provide you with affordable and healthy packaging that protects your food’s quality and safety. To achieve this, we keep searching out not just new eco-friendly solutions, but affordable ones that save you money.

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