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Brown Baguette Packaging | Greaseproof Bag| Counter Bag| Brown Baguette Bag with window (Case x 1000)

Streetfood Packaging

SKU: 303251-500

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  • Affordable & eco friendly paper baguette bags for your food shop: These long baguette Bags are made from recycled paper, making it biodegradable and recyclable – advise your customers to dispose them in the recycle bin. With a wide transparent film running through the middle from base to the tip, it’s very convenient for your customers to look through their delicious baguettes.
  • High quality Kraft biodegradable baguette Bags made in the UK for you: This bag is strung at the edges to make it more suitable for both baguettes and wraps. Made in the UK, these are your perfect baguette bags if you’re looking for biodegradable wrap bags for your takeaway filled rolls, bakery products and sweets.
  • Brown Paper Bag perfect for all your snacks: This Brown food packaging Bag is your best option for serving of all your daily snacks in your food shop. It is equally perfect for sandwiches and bread rolls, and is used for wedding parties, birthdays, and takeaways.
  • The Product Dimensions (mm) Height = 355, Width = 150, Depth = 100.

    Sandwich bags are notorious for their often tear at every little stress because of the greases from the sandwiches or snacks packed inside, which is why too cheap paper bags may not be lasting option for satisfying your customers.

    If you want takeaway food packaging bags that would not break apart when they have bacon rolls or egg rolls in them inside and would also keep the food placed inside secure from moisture both within and without, you should really try out these biodegradable baguette bags . We source our Kraft biodegradable baguette bags from the UK and they all have integrity for high quality.

    These paper baguette bags are the best paper bags for wrapping your baguettes as they are quite long. Try them and you can see for yourself just how efficient our food packaging bags are.

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Baguette Bags

No way - I was very disappointed with my purchase for the price you charged me for 50 Bags. I wouldn’t touch this site again with a barge pole.

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