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Black Plastic Cutlery | Disposable Spoon| Black Spoons + Forks + Knives (50 - 500 pieces each per case)

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  • Case Quantity: 500 black plastic spoons + 500 Forks + 500 Knives

                                      250 Black Plastic Spoons + 250 Forks + 250 Knives

                                      100 Black Plastic Spoons + 100 Forks + 250 Knives

                                         50 Black Plastic Spoons + 50 Forks + 50 Spoons

  • Validate your events with these essential plastic cutlery: Make your events look magic with these with these premium black spoons. Take full advantage of their classy appearance by using them for your parties and events and for your takeaway orders.
  • Your perfect partner for all food servings Just use these spoons to serve everything, hot or cold!
  • Product Dimensions (mm): 195 Length x 180 Width x 2 Thickness.

One of the most common mistakes that event managers tend to make is that they fail to offer customers quality disposable plastic spoons with their meals. People that are attending an event are not going to be careful with what they use while they have merry. This is why metal spoons are such a bad option; you are going to end up losing too many of them to make the event profitable all in all! Instead of metal spoons, you should try offering these affordable black plastic spoons which gives your events an attractive presentation as well as makes your parties hassle-free..

The benefits of using disposable plastic spoons can be seen in their very name. They are disposable, which means that even if each customer throws their black plastic spoon away it would not cost you anything at all! This is particularly useful for large scale events that require a large amount of cutlery. It is pretty impossible to ascertain which of your event attendees are going to end up losing the cutlery that they have, hence your best bet is to just get these black plastic spoons and free yourself of some hassle .

If you opt for a black plastic spoon, try out our range of products. The disposable plastic spoons that we offer are very classy, deluxe cutleries which would validate your events . It is pretty clear that no matter what happens, our products are going to serve you well. If we sound confident it is because we are, our products are really good for optimizing the experience your event attendees get, and to prove it we are ready to offer you free samples!

Getting ready for your next event?  Pick up our affordable environmentally friendly products.  We offer free UK delivery on all purchases over £100, so a case of this disposable plastic spoon plus 2 more cases of other supplies would just qualify you for a free UK Delivery.

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