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Black Ripple Cup| Ripple Coffee Cups|8oz Black Ripple Cup (Case x 500)

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  • Premium Black Ripple Cups for your tasty coffee: This 8oz Black Black Ripple Cup with its deluxe appearances gives your tasty mocha a lifting feel.Designed with 3 layers of paper boards, this coffee cup gives amazing temperature retention to your coffee. Your customers do not need additional clutch or sleeves to hold their cup and enjoy their coffee. The hands remain cool even when the content is hot.
  • 100% Biodegradable Ripple Coffee Cups : This Black cup is manufactured from sustainable paper gotten from sustainable materials. It biodegrades quickly. This cup is specifically designed for extremely hot drinks, providing more heat and protection than ordinary coffee cups.
  • Great Product Presentation: This cup looks sophisticated and offers a great product presentation to your customers with its sleek looks and all. It is used to serve Coffee, Tea, Water, Juice, Smoothies, etc.
  • Case Quantity:500 pcs of this Black Coffee Cups.
  • Product Dimensions (mm): Top Diameter = 80, Base Diameter = 55, Height = 90.

If you’re looking for nice disposable coffee cups with lids then you are at the right place. Our all new ripple cups are spacious, light weighted and disposable. Your customers can carry these ripple coffee cups in car or for any sorts of hot beverage takeaways. These wholesale cups which are available in various sizes and these coffee cups with their matching lids can keep the warmth of your drinks intact with this triple walled cup. You can now free your customers from the worries of refilling their heavy mugs since the ripple coffee cups are so light and perfect for their coffees and hot chocolates. The lids of these ripple cups ensure safe and secure storage of your beverages. If you’re worrying about the leakage then it’s time to stop worrying, because our coffee cups with lids prevent dripping and provides mess-free handling of your drinks. These wholesale cups are not only spacious but also available in different colors and sizes. The lids serve as protective seal around the cup. Also the lids and walls of cups don’t let the taste and temperature escape out. You can also stock up these ripple cups for parties or winter treats. They will be easier to serve and convenient to dispose off unlike heavy ceramic mugs.

Need this Cup? Contact us on 0333 222 0771 or drop us your details on the Live Chat box and we would send over the samples to you at absolutely no cost! We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of these high quality ripple cups at no obligation will convince you. We offer free UK delivery on all purchases over £100, so a case of this ripple coffee cup plus 2 more cases of other supplies would just qualify you for a free delivery tomorrow.

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