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Brown Paper Cups|Takeaway Coffee Cups| 8oz Coffee Cup (Case x 500)


SKU: BRH8-500
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  • Takeaway coffee cup that creates a pleasurable feeling for coffee lovers : Lined with a plastic lining, this high quality coffee cup make drinking coffee very pleasurable due to the natural feeling it creates.
  • Paper Cup for serving your large sized drink orders: This 8oz takeaway coffee cup retains the temperature of its content, so would retain the temperature of your coffee, tea, or beverage serving as you customers are on the go.
  • Case Quantity: 1000 pcs of 8oz takeaway coffee Cup (Single Wall)
  • Product Dimensions (mm): Top Diameter = 80, Base Diameter = 55, Height = 90.

An 8oz cup of coffee is a great way to kick-start a busy day. Sometimes, we really need some boost to wake up our minds and start the day. Well if that is your typical kind of customer, then this 8oz cup should never be out of stock in your food shop. Give your customers this dose of energy drink and you will find that a good number of them come back the next day for more.

If coffee or tea is listed in your breakfast menu, this 8oz takeaway coffee cup is a great way to delight your customer.

These takeaway coffee cups drive up sales. As your customers wait for their coffee, would pick up a bacon roll, a baguette, some other quick breakfast roll while they wait for their tasty coffee – so serving them a good dose of it with this 12oz takeaway coffee cup would help get more foodies and snacks off your shelf.

If like other food shop owners, you serve coffee every morning to your on-the-go customers; this 8oz brown takeaway paper coffee cup would be your key essential supply to delight your coffee lovers.

Looking to stand out from your peers? Stick your labels on this environmentally friendly coffee cup or contact us through the live chat box regarding custom branding. It will help people associate your coffee shop with their morning routine, a great way to grow returning customers for your food shop.

If you are uncertain whether this 8oz paper coffee cup is the right option for you; we offer free samples that you can try out. Contact us on 0333 222 0771 and we would send over the samples to you.

We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of this high quality 12oz brown coffee cup at no obligation will convince you.

We offer free UK delivery on all purchases over £100, so a box of this takeaway coffee cup plus 2 more boxes of other supplies would just qualify you for a free delivery tomorrow.

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