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Hinged Lid Food Container| Clear takeaway container | Salad Container| 750ml (Case x 400)

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SKU: X750L

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  • Fill it up with your yummy Veggie Salads: This clear hinged lid Salad Takeaway Container with a hinged lid for easy serving and has a good seal to keep your Salads and delis displayed to your customers.Strong enough to be filled to the brim with your salad, and with enough room on the lid for your branding.
  • The best takeaway container for your deli treats: For serving cold deli treats, salads or any of our pastry cases to go, this 750ml clear hinged Deli container is a great option for you. It is suitable for cold foods and takeaways and perfect for pre-prepared salads and meals as well as self service salad bars. Also perfectly suitable for takeaway counters with fresh salads, cold delicacies and other tasty dishes.
  • 100% Biodegradable and Recyclable: Made from 100% recycled PET. it is a Recyclable plastic hinged lid container with transparent lid. This affordable takeaway container is flammable and suitable for food storage in the fridge and freezer.
  • Case Quantity : 400 pieces of 750ml clear hinged lid container

In the past, when there were no things as plastic food containers, deli containers, takeaway containers and plastic salad containers to store or preserve food, people used to throw the excessive food out for various reasons. Well, some people didn’t have the energy or the time to go through the vigorous procedures that would keep the food fresh for the passage of some time but it only ensured around 50% success rate for those who did it but the food became stale after a day or two.

Deli containers, takeaway containers, and plastic salad containers are fairly new and they have not been around for years like the Tupperware. We sell our Salad Containers wholesale in the UK and this 750ml hinged lid container which ensures that the food content inside the container is fresh and preserved; is one of our hot selling items. It can be used in various ways. If you make your customers bowls of salads, and they only took a couple of bites do not feel like finishing it. Now, what do they do with the remaining salad so that it stays exactly the way it is for consuming later? You guessed it right! They store it in the fridge without pouring the sala out of the 750ml clear hinged lid container, hence this plastic salad container is also a storage container. Your salad will now be fresh as well as healthy and you can enjoy it thereafter. Same with your customers, even after they’ve bought salads from this clear plastic deli container, they would re-use them and pop different contents in the container and turn it into their own storage container.

This Plastic Salad container can be bought and be used as deli containers as they are translucent, durable, recyclable, microwave friendly, and eco-friendly.

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