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340ml Sugarcane Bagasse Bowl 12oz | Disposable Bowl| Biodegradable Bowl| Salad & Dessert Bowl (Case x 300)

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  • Biodegradable and Compostable Bowl for all your events: This Sugarcane Bagasse Bowl is manufactured from waste materials that are reclaimed from the waste stream after sugar is extracted from sugarcane. It comes from sugar cane fibre which is a reclaimed agricultural waste and a readily renewable resource.
  • Durable and affordable: Our Bagasse bowl is sold at a real bargain price so that it would be favourable for small businesses to have a taste of our excellence.
  • Perfect for all outdoor event serving Whatever the food your parties or barbeques serve, be it noodles, curry, soup or any other hot or cold food.
  • Case Quantity: 300 pieces

Our society is starting to better understand the impact that we are having on our environment, and as a result we know that we need to be far more responsible if we can ever hope to save the earth from getting destroyed by our anti environmental activities. If like us, you organise and manage series of events, One thing that we can do is go for these biodegradable bowls as they are a more environment friendly option for instead of bowls made of plastic or Styrofoam.

Disposable bowls are a huge source of pollution because people just end up throwing them anywhere they please, and as a result the environment gets polluted. When you throw away a bowl made of plastic, it is not going to degrade for years. A bagasse bowl made of sugarcane is one of the many biodegradable bowls that you should be looking into instead. When you have disposable bowl that will break down in the environment, throwing them in nature is not something that you are going to have to worry about at all. This is because biodegradables break down in the environment and are not toxic in any way.

We offer disposable bowls that are made of bagasse. This is the residue that is left over after sugarcane has been extracted of all of its sugar. This sort of material is sturdy enough to make a good disposable bowl, it does not impact the flavor of the food that you are eating in any way and to top it off you would be able to capitalize on the boost this would give your business because using these bowls would showcase your environmentally friendly brand to your customers, hence they would want to buy more of your food products without a doubt.

We offer samples for you to check out completely free of charge, so you should try our bowls out today! Contact us on 0333 222 0771 or drop us your details on the Live Chat box and we would send over the samples to you at absolutely no cost! We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of this high quality Biodegradable Bowls at no obligation will convince you. We offer free UK delivery on all purchases over £100, so a case of this Disposable Bowls plus 2 more cases of other supplies would just qualify you for a free delivery tomorrow.

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