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Disposable coffee cup lid |White Hot Cup Lid| Snug fit for 10 - 20oz Coffee Cups (Case x 1000)


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  • Keep your coffee serving piping hot: These High quality 10 oz -20oz Disposable Hot Cup Lid are disposable and nicely fits the cups. The lining on them make them able to withstand very hot content. They are also styled with a sip through space to ensure convenience for your customers while they drink away!
  • 100% Recyclable Sip Thru Lids: These 10oz – 20oz Black Hot Cup Lids are recyclable with sip through lids and very convenient for drinking coffee or tea on the go. Instead of these lids ending up as plastic waste they easily decay or can be recycled. With an estimated shelf life of life of 1.5 years, cases are marked with relevant dates, and these lids can be recycled unlike their CPLA alternatives.
  • Durable and toxic-free: This cup lid was manufactured from sustainable plastics. It is free of toxins so there are no side effects on the consumers.
  • Case Quantity: 1000 pcs of disposable coffee Lid for 10oz - 20oz Coffee Cups. It is commonly used with our 10oz , 12oz, 16oz and 20oz coffee cups.
  • Product Dimensions (mm) : Diameter = 89, Height = 17

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