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Paper Ice Cream Tubs |16oz Biodegradable  Soup Container Cups (Case x 500)


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  • 16oz Shallow Soup Container that keeps your tasty soup hot all day: This disposable soup container also doubles as an Ice cream tub and is made from heavy duty sustainably sourced paperboard with an inner starch lining. The inner lining helps retain your soup’s temperature for a long period of time, so your customers will never drink cold soup again.
  • 100% compostable soup pot perfect for all soup helpings: Lined with starch lining, this ice cream tub/ soup container is completely compostable and can be disposed in the food bin.
  • Freezer and microwave safe with Fitting vented Lid Freezer and microwave safe with paper vented lid and fitting plastic lid that sold separately for your requirements : Soup, Ice Cream, Curry, Pasta, Stew, noodles, and for takeaway soups.
  • Case Quantity: 500 pcs of 16oz takeaway soup container
  • The Product Volume is 16oz / 455ml. The Product Dimensions (mm) are Base Diameter = 75, Top Diameter = 95, Height = 100.
  • The Perfect Matching Lids are the stylish B05150 and YS-115

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