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Food Containers| Wholesale Salad Containers| Salad Containers| Hinged Lid Container - 500ml Clear Food Containers (Case x 600)


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  • Sturdy and Recyclable Food Containers takeaway container with a hinged lid for easy serving and a good seal. It is strong enough to be filled to the brim with your salad or fruits, and with enough room on the lid for your label. This recyclable 500ml Hinged Lid clear plastic Deli container comes with a lid for convenience and adequate temperature retention. Also perfectly suitable for takeaway counters with fresh salads, pasta, desserts, cold delicacies and other tasty dishes.
  • The best food container option for your salads: For serving cold deli treats, salads or any of our pastry cases to go, this 500ml clear hinged container is a great option for you. It is ideal for cold foods and takeaways. It is perfect for pre-prepared salads and meals as well as self-service salad bars.
  • 100% Recyclable: It is made from 100% recycled PET. It is a Recyclable plastic hinged lid container with transparent lid. This affordable container is flammable. It is suitable for freezer.
  • Excellent Food Display: This container is transparent and has a transparent lid that displays its content.
  • 600 pieces of this 500ml clear hinged container are enclosed in one case. The Product Volume is 500ml.

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