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Plastic Knife| Disposable Cutlery| Clear Plastic Cutlery| Plastic Knife (Case x 1000)

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  • Plastic Cutlery Knives that make cutting easy: These lightweight clear plastic knife is great for meals and the clear colour complements every dining environment. Clear Cutleries are deluxe, high quality with edge that cuts through food, makes neat slices and serves everything baked, so using them for your food service will add to the pleasurable experience your customers experience with their foods. Safe for both hot and cold foods and has no artificial coating.
  • Make a hassle free event with these disposable cutleries Whether you manage quick-serve restaurants, stadiums, outdoor barbecue or event fairs, these plastic spoons make takeout and catering a breeze. Easy to wrap up in napkins and for to go foods.
  • Case Quantity: 1000 pcs of the Clear Plastic Knives
  • Product Dimensions (mm) are 195 Length x 10 Width x 2 Thickness.

One of the most frequent complaints from takeaway customers is how blunt their disposable knives are. So when looking for plastic cutlery, look for ones that are strong, durable and sharp for cutting and piercing; more than anything else, but plastic knives and forks need to be able to cut through reasonably tough foods as well if they are going to be of any use.

Disposable cutlery items are meant to be an affordable option that customers can use as a stopgap in situations where they don’t have actual cutlery, but just because restaurant owners are looking for affordability when it comes to plastic cutlery does not change the fact that these plastic knives and forks that you are offering to your customers shouldn’t be serviceable. At the very least they should get the job done, and in order to help bridge the gap between usability and affordability we have sourced a range of disposable cutlery that your customers are going to be very pleased with indeed.

Our plastic knives are not sharp enough to cut through a steak by any means, but slightly more tender foods are going to be a breeze to eat if one uses them. You can try them out for yourself by asking for a free sample, we are always willing to hand them out to potential customers! Check our plastic knives and forks out with any of the food that you offer and, within reason, you would find that disappointment is now going to be a thing of the past.

If you need a sample of this clear plastic knife,, Contact us on 0333 222 0771 or drop us your details on the Live Chat box and we would send over the samples to you at absolutely no cost! We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of these high quality Plastic cutlery at no obligation will convince you. We offer free UK delivery on all purchases over £100, so a case of this disposable cutlery plus 2 more cases of other supplies would just qualify you for a free delivery tomorrow.

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