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Disposable Coffee Cup| Brown Ripple Cup| 8oz Kraft Ripple Cup (Case x 500)

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  • Exceptional Heat Retention for your coffee : This 8oz Kraft Ripple Coffee Cup is designed with 3 layers of paper boards giving amazing temperature retention to your coffee. Your customers do not need additional clutch or double cupping to hold the cup and enjoy their coffee. No sleeves are needed with this triple wall cup. The hands remain cool even when the content is hot.
  • Biodegradable Paper Cups: These Ripple Coffee cups are manufactured from sustainable paper gotten from sustainable materials. It biodegrades quickly. This cup is specifically designed for extremely hot drinks, providing more heat and protection than ordinary coffee cups.
  • Great Product Presentation: This cup looks sophisticated and offers a great presentation of your tasty coffee to your customers with its sleek looks and all. It is used to serve Coffee, Tea, Water, Juice, Smoothies, etc.
  • Case Quantity: 500 pcs of this cup is enclosed in one case.
  • The Volume is 8oz / 227ml. The Product Dimensions (mm) are Top Diameter = 79, Base Diameter = 55, Height = 96.

Have you tried our new disposable coffee cups? If not then be guaranteed that you’re missing out on something really useful. Not just useful but a mandatory item to have. Yes. The spacious, triple walled ripple coffee cups are perfect for your teas and other hot beverages as they provide handy access for your customers without their drinks dripping out. Also, these paper coffee cups with lids can hold their hot drinks for a longer period of the day. They are thickly walled so that your coffees and teas stay warm and tasty. These paper coffee cups with lids are available in different sizes according to your needs. They are the ideal cups for your early morning coffee servings and they are light weighted and so convenient to carry thus clearing out the hassle for your customers to carry heavy mugs around for coffee shops to refill. In home, at shopping, at office or inside the car; these disposable ripple coffee cups can be used for hot beverage longings and ultimate tea cups for your customers to store their tea, hot chocolates and coffees for later use. There is no more tension of cleaning the cups. Thanks to our ripple coffee cups that are best for storing and enjoying coffees anywhere anytime. The ripple cups are made of recyclable Kraft thus ensuring valuable and eco-friendly products for you. Our elegantly designed paper coffee cups with lids will keep your customers warm on cold rainy days as the insulated walls promise safe hot drinks. So grab these essential coffee cups with lids of any size and give your customers some nice coffee treat with these handy ripple cups


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