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Salad Container | Disposable Salad Bowls| Plastic Salad Packaging |500ml | (Case x 500)


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  • 100% Recyclable Salad container: This 500ml Clear Salad Bowl is manufactured from natural sustainable plastic so give it another life through recycling. It is petroleum free and contains no harmful material that may affect content.
  • Strong and clear food container: This takeaway container is sturdy and resistant to cracks and breaks. It is ideal for easy serving and comes with a lid that seals the bowl effectively. It is made from recyclable plastic and has a transparent lid which promotes product visibility and sales.
  • Your Great takeaway choice for serving cold foods: This 500ml clear bowl is NOT suitable for use in the oven and microwave. It is equally great for serving cold treats, all salad types, pastries, and snacks.
  • Case Quantity : 500 pieces of 500ml clear container. The Product volume is 500ml / 17.6oz.

Do you run a restaurant or a cafe? Do you own a takeaway stall? What is your ideal food packaging container? Do you still use typical paper boxes or cardboard boxes for your salad packaging?

Streetfood Packaging feels proud to present to you plastic food containers to help you sell your salads in a more professional finish. These 500ml salad containers keep food their freshest along showing off the delicious contents stored within. These clear food containers have great lids that seal the bowl snugly around the edges and ensure food won’t spill or leak out making a mess.

Serve your customers with clear food containers that meet your packaging needs in a simple and flexible way! This 500ml plastic food container is ideal for storing food items like pasta, salads, meatballs, seafood, etc. We also have a range of other sizes and shapes to match the ambiance of your establishment.

These takeaway containers are highly reliable and robust and these won't break down from oils in various food offerings. In addition, these also offer an excellent water vapour barrier for longer storage.

The 500ml clear plastic food container made from recyclable plastic are ideal for coleslaw, olives, fruit salads, pasta, salads, etc.

At Streetfood Packaging, we source products that may be used in a variety of applications with reliability and affordability. Our clear containers have become one of our most wanted takeaway containers.

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