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Sandwich Platter | Rectangular Platter Base (Case x 240)

Streetfood Packaging

SKU: 3210DX30
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  • Give your events’ sandwiches the most professional presentation: This black Sandwich Platter gives your sandwiches the best professional appearance ever. Whether you’re serving corporate events or having a buffet, this platter tray ensures your food stay fresh for longer. It comes with lids that are sold separately.
  • Your perfect Serving Platters for every event This serving platter is perfect for parties, buffets, and many menus such as cakes, sandwiches, wraps, canapes and savouries. They allow a large number of sandwiches to be transported at a time because of their space and very ideal for business and industry, and commercial environment.
  • Recyclable and sturdy Catering Trays: This Catering Platter trays is 100 % compostable, and can be recycled. The Sandwich Platter Base is made from RPET and is strong enough to withstand the weight of your deep filled sandwiches, still keeping its quality in place. completely reusable and disposable.
  • Case Quantity: 240 pcs.
  • Product Dimensions (mm) 373 x 59.

The thing about catering for events is that it is all about maximizing limited space and resources and getting the most done possible with the least amount of effort. After all, there are so many different things that you are going to have to look into while you are organizing an event that it can become quite difficult for you to manage everything if you don’t have one size fits all solutions to look into.

This is where our premium sandwich platters with lids can come in. Platter trays with lids can help you cut down on costs because you won’t have to offer individual plates, everyone can just pick up their sandwich from the serving platter with lids and go on with their enjoyment of the event that you have organized. Now all you need to do is find a company that offers catering trays with lids uk and see how they would manage to serve your specific needs. If you want to avoid searching for a manufacturer of sandwich platters with lids, you should look into the products that we have to offer.

We offer platter trays with lids that are top notch in quality. Our serving platter with lids is made of material that is renewable and organically sourced in the UK, and our catering trays with lids are also well known for being durable enough to last extremely long events. Sandwich platters with lids are needed in longer events like weddings, and those kind of platters you that are strong enough to withstand stress of carrying them from place to place, would be your best option. If you want to try our platter trays with lids before you buy, we would be more than happy to provide you with a free sample! Just ask us about our serving platter with lids. Trust us when we say that our catering trays with lids uk are better than all the others!

Contact us on 0333 222 0771 or drop us your details on the Live Chat box and we would send over the samples to you at absolutely no cost! We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of this high quality serving platters with lids at no obligation will convince you. We offer free UK delivery on all purchases over £100, so a case of this platter trays with lids plus 2 more cases of other supplies would just qualify you for a free delivery tomorrow.

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