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8oz Brown Soup Cup | Brown Soup Pot| Takeaway Soup Container

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  • Perfect & Healthy for Wet and Oily foods :This disposable soup container lid is made from heavy duty sustainably sourced paperboard, so very perfect for wet and oily foods. Ideal for serving takeaway soups, pasta, even ice creams and frozen yoghurt.
  • Freezer-safe Microwave Safe : Very convenient for your customers to keep leftovers and store in the freezer, as well as for warming up cold soup in the microwave.
  • Case Quantity: 25 pcs - 250 pcs of Soup Cups
  • Product Dimensions (mm): Base Diameter = 75, Top Diameter = 90, Height = 60.
  • Perfectly fits Soup pot Lid for 8oz - 12oz takeaway soup containers

Looking for natural soup takeaway containers for your soup and ice cream?

This is your destination! Our collection of 8oz disposable soup cups are a must-have for all catering services. These 8oz disposable soup containers are bound to surely elevate the quality of your food servicing and food presentation. These 8oz brown soup containers are designed to hold both extremes of hot and cold soups as well as other food items. This durable and hard wearing 8oz brown soup cup is appropriate for takeaway restaurants and catering events.

This disposable soup cup can be matched with a Kraft paper vented tight lid. The size of our 8oz soup containers is perfect for not only soup, but also ice cream, gelatos, stew as well as noodles, saucy pasta, frozen yogurt and hot porridge. The tight lids of these 8oz brown soup cups allow a little steam to escape without letting all the heat out. The material of these 8oz disposable soup cups is resistant to leakages and grease. Our 8oz brown soup cups are also durable against wear and tear which makes them convenient to use. Moreover, they are hygienic and safe on account of their smooth rims. Their disposable quality makes them very easy to manage for caterers as well as restaurant managers as opposed to using glass or any other breakable material.

This 8oz brown soup container also consists of a sustainable and enduring paperboard and an inner plastic lining, so your soup will never soak the container, neither would the container leak. Our 8oz brown soup container is suitable for freezers, ovens as well as microwaves.

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We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of this high quality Brown Soup Container will convince you.

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