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Takeaway Soup Container| Soup Cups |Soup Packaging| 26oz Brown Soup Container (Case x 500)


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  • Very competitively priced disposable soup cup: These disposable soup cups are very affordable compared to their non-eco soup containers on the market.
  • Premium disposable brown soup cups for all soups and stews: This street food container is specially made for all sorts of soups, stews, ice cream and noodles. Made from an exceptional heavy duty sustainably sourced paperboard, its temperature moderating capacity is next to none.
  • Case Quantity: 500 pcs of the 26oz Brown Soup Container Lid
  • Product Dimensions (mm):Base Diameter = 90, Top Diameter = 115, Height = 108..
  • The perfect lids for this 26oz Brown Soup Container are BRNSPLID32 and PLAS32.

The latest creative innovation in the food service takeaway soup packaging is available for you. Its time you upgrade your food shop with these disposable soup cups and the disposable soup containers. Lined with an inner plastic lining, they are perfect for packing the takeaway soup, Noodles, stew ice cream and delivering it to the respected customer. When it comes to selling street food, these soup containers with lids are the perfect street food containers. The brown soup cups and the disposable soup containers are highly functional, offer great insulation and keep the soup warm and cosy for the customer. Wouldn’t you want to offer the best service to your customer? Offer them their takeaway orders with the best street food containers to keep the soup fresh and warm. How about picking the useful brown soup cups? They are the ones most widely used to keep the liquid food warm.

The soup containers with lids can carry the soup safely from one place to another. There are a variety of different customers. Some like to drink their soup on the way while others love to sit down, relax and enjoy their appetizer in peace. For either of them, the soup delivery and street food cafes now prefer using the street food containers that include the disposable soup containers and the disposable soup cups.

The thick paperboard walls of this soup containers with lids keep the food warm and provide hand care as well protecting them from burning. The disposable soup cups are the ideal purchase for the food industry. They are not only used for serving soups but are also good for serving tea, coffee, hot chocolate and other warm liquids. Use the brown soup cups and witness the sudden influx of customers yourself. They are just the right product for the street food businesses.

If you are uncertain whether this 26oz soup containers are the right option for you, we offer free samples that you can try out. Contact us on 0333 222 0771 and we would send over the samples to you.

We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of this high quality 26oz brown takeaway soup container at no obligation will convince you.

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Takeaway Soup Container| Soup Cups |Soup Packaging| 26oz Brown Soup Container (Case x 500)

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