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Food Box| Cardboard Hot Food Box Wholesale| Takeaway Food Box | White Hot Food Box No.6A (Case x 675)

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  • Deluxe Leak-Proof Food Boxes Perfect for all takeaway dishes: This Cute White Hot Food Box is totally biodegradable, leak-proof, and ideal for serving all food types. It is a food carton made from sustainable paperboard with a poly lining. This gives it proof against leaks and sogginess even when holding wet meals. It can be used in a microwave.
  • Perfect for Promoting your Brand: Stand out from the crowd by adding your labels to this beautiful food box, and see your customers promote your good works.
  • Eco Friendly: This food carton is made from sustainable board which is coated with a fully compostable material that is so very good for the environment.
  • Gives Hot and Cold Meals a Home: This food box handles your Hot and Cold Food serving effectively, be it fish and chips, Pasta, Curries, Noodles, Stews, Salads, Pastries.etc.
  • 675 pcs of Takeaway Food Carton No. 6A are enclosed in one case.
  • The Product Volume is approximately 700ml. The Product Dimensions (mm):are: Base Dimensions > Length = 155, Width = 65 | Top Dimensions > Length = 185, Width = 90 | Height = 55.


Is your food business needing some branding revamp?

Then its time to change your food boxes. Remember, customers judge your food from what they see and feel, so changing your cardboard food boxes to these white deluxe non-leak food cartons may be a great way to start your food shop upgrade. This is because food cartons that looks boring and drab can create negative impressions for your food shop and make your customers less likely to buy from you on a regular basis. Buying food boxes wholesale with a different design can help to turn the tide.

Since the takeaway food carton your food comes in shows people what your business is about; these white Food boxes are uniquely attractive and they give you the opportunity to make a name for yourself in the market. Our wholesale food boxes are quite an important supply you cannot afford to overlook in your food shop,and possibly the best affordable investment to make for your food business.

Our hot food boxes are made in the UK are known for being just what a business needs to improve declining sales. You can try our wholesale food boxes, just ask us for a food carton sample and we would be happy to oblige! This is because we are a company that is based in efficiency and customer service. We never try to trick people into buying our products because we know the importance of the services we provide. Hence, we are confident in the products we offer, which is why you should try a free sample today.

Contact us on 0333 222 0771 or drop us your details on the Live Chat box and we would send over the samples to you at absolutely no cost! We only source affordable environmentally friendly products and a free trial of this high quality Food carton at no obligation will convince you. We offer free UK delivery on all purchases over £100, so a case of this Takeaway food box plus 2 more cases of other supplies would just qualify you for a free delivery tomorrow.

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Food Box| Cardboard Hot Food Box Wholesale| Takeaway Food Box | White Hot Food Box No.6A (Case x 675)

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