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Food Packaging

Biodegradable Packaging that Fits your Budget. Your One Stop Shop For All Of Your Restaurant’s Eco-Friendly Food Packaging Needs

Food Packaging

Food Packaging is what we do in Streetfood Packaging, We're a wholesale UK supplier of biodegradable and compostable food packaging supplies.

We stock a wide range of food packaging best suited for restaurants, fast food business and event caterers.

We know the packaging needs of every caterer is different, this is why we have various lines and ranges of food packaging supplies to suit all your requirements.

We aim to sell all biodegradable food and drinks packaging supplies at the most affordable prices to our food business owners,

we also offer plastic and recyclable alternatives wherever possible in order to further ensure you buy your food packaging supplies without breaking the bank.

When considering the options for a perfect food and drinks packaging supplier, a number of things come to mind: environmental friendliness, the kind of food you’re serving, and your catering supplies.

We are UKs leading food packaging supplier and we have an extensive range of packaging supplies, be it takeaway food boxes, disposable cups, Salad Containers, Sandwiches and Wraps Packaging, Soup Containers, smoothie Cups or food packaging bags. 

Our stock of leakproof paper food cartons are perfect for takeaway foods and sandwiches as they are spacious and offer a stylish solution to all fast food catering businesses


Whether you’re looking for packaging to meet your takeaway needs, streetfood needs, or catering needs; we are certain to have something that will suit your requirements.

Biodegradable Catering Disposables Supplies

Our biodegradable packaging is the best option for all the caterers, restaurants, delis, cafes, takeaways and coffee shops that want to demonstrate their deep commitment to helping protect our environment without breaking the bank.

 And of course with our custom design solutions these can be simple or they could be completely custom solutions, branded for your business. We are an experienced company with a long history in the packaging market and we are happy to offer you the benefits of that experience.

We pilot this eco-friendly mission with our full range of biodegradable packaging products which are perfect for every takeaway and fast-food restaurants. Our eco-friendly, compostable food packaging supplies suit most markets, and are of the highest quality, meaning your food products will hold up on-the-go and will look great on shelves.

Most of our biodegradable food packaging supplies have second life as they can be recycled, so you can rest assured of your customers’ satisfaction each time they purchase your products.

Wholesale Food Packaging Supply Range

Our Catering Disposables range continues to expand with new items regularly added. Please browse the various categories below for more information on the types available including leakproof, microwavable, oven traditional food packaging and the latest environmentally friendly packaging ranges.

All of our food packaging supplies are 100% biodegradable and compostable and where we cannot achieve these we offer recyclable plastic supplies to help you meet your food packaging supplies’ needs.

With the catering industry being environmentally conscious every day, there is an increased demand to reduce waste through the use of biodegradable catering disposables for food servings across most catering businesses.

What more? Our food packaging supplies are low carbon, mostly made from renewable and recyclable materials so can be composted or recycled along with food waste.

Our Wholesale Food and drinks Packaging product range includes: Paper hot drink cups, Paper cold drink cups, Clear cold drink tumblers Hinged-lid fresh food containers, Bagasse plates and bowls, Strongholder cup carriers, Wooden cutlery.

With a biodegradable packaging range made from sugarcane and bamboo fiber, our food packaging supplies offer the best of both worlds: the convenience of food-to-go  and improved sustainability.

Our  catering supplies  range are growing all the time and we offer fully biodegradable food packaging and biodegradable bags that allow yo to keep up with market trends, as well as maintain the eco-friendly brand that your food business deserve.

Contact us through this form or through the live chat to discuss your packaging needs, we are always very happy to discuss your needs and make sure you get the best supplies; Or place an order right here on our website and experience our fast and friendly service.

Discover the Streetfood Packaging difference today! Serve your customers with Biodegradable Packaging that fits your budget.