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Are You Live Streaming At Your Street Food Shop?

Are You Live Streaming At Your Street Food Shop?

Dear Street food owners, it seems the year is great on you, and the sales season is back too. How do you rate your sales? What percentage do you think they fall into? We are almost halfway through the year and I hope you do have something to smile about in your business. If you need business tips or need us to write on a topic, you can comment on our blog posts or send us a message on Facebook.

Have you considered live streaming as a business strategy you may want to adopt? The marketing world is quickly evolving and there are constantly new ways of reaching customers and spreading the news about brands. Live streaming is when you make a record of something happening and your viewers watch it at the same instant you make the recording. It is a sincere way to connect to your audience and help establish personal trust between you and your potential customers. Live streaming is not meant for fancy places or expensive businesses. You can do a live streaming for your business on your facebook business page and it would be genuine and beautiful. So many entrepreneurs are stuck on the old ways of doing business but marketing and business have evolved into bigger things.

Here’s why you should incorporate Live Streaming into your business strategies.

Its Growing Popularity

This is true. Live streaming is growing very popular. You may see live videos on Instagram and Facebook sometimes, those are called live streaming. People engage in live streaming for so many reasons. Some people do it for security reasons and to capture events as they happened. Live streaming has a large user base more than videos and it gets many customers talking about you in just few hours. You may be investing in many other strategies to drive your business forward, but live streaming also does the trick because it is quick. Many people love Live Streaming because it gives them access to fresh content and fosters great connection between you and them.

Higher Chances of Business

There is a great chance that people who engage with your Live Streaming will either tell their friends about it, or share the link with people, or check you out quickly on google or send you messages. This is how quickly it captures people’s interests.

Know Where to do your Live Streaming

It is important that you know where to do your live streaming. There are so many platforms where you can do them. We will give you a quick list, you may want to check them out. They are: Facebook live, Youtube, Live Stories, Periscope, Twitter, Younow, and others. Facebook live still gets the most engagement because it has the most watched Live Streaming platform on social media. If you already have a great audience, Live Streaming is a definite plus. If you are looking to build a great following on social media, Live Streaming will help.

What can you do on Live Streaming?

What you do or say on Live Streaming matters. Unlike a recorded video Live Streaming cannot be edited. It goes live and right into people’s gadgets just as you are making it. This means that you have to be careful and well prepared before you begin. During this time, make sure that there are no distractions, then you just get on it. As a street food shop owner, you may decide to go live on social media and show where a particular meal is being made. People may enjoy watching you cook. You may share recipes too and show people how you make a particular meal and what you add to the menu that makes yours different.

We wish you the best this season and always.


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