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Build Great Fans At Your Street Food Shop

Build Great Fans At Your Street Food Shop

Dear Street Food business owners, we are excited to write you again, to share this learning space with you once more. We thank you immensely for helping to make our business flourish. We appreciate your patronage. Thank you!

How has business been for you especially this season? We hope that everything is working out great for your establishment. How do you create lasting memories in your customers, and give them pleasant impressions that prod them to choose you over others? If you are able to make people remember your shop and find their way back to it, it is one of the most important attributes to your business. Your memory hook has to be powerful because the more powerful it is, the more it sticks to your customers’ minds. These factors make people talk about you to their friends, and always remember you whenever they feel like having lunch or dinner treats.

There are many ways you can make a customer to remember you and hold fond thoughts about your business. It is also established that trying to attract new customers are expensive because you must have t0 offer countless discounts, free gifts, and free additions. This is why it is cheaper to retain old customers. With the rise in the use of technology, it has become tasking to satisfy customers with the usual tools. Every entrepreneur must step up their game and find special ways to attract and keep customers’ attention. It is no longer enough to produce things massively, if you make no effort to keep your customers, you will lose them to rival businesses.

How do you create in your customers memories that stick?


This is very important. So many food shops stress over making complicated meals with so many flavours that confuse the taste buds of customers. In such cases, it is usually difficult for a customer to describe the meal to another person. This is to say, make your meals simple and great at the same time so that it will be easy for your customer to spread the word to another person. Complicated flavours are usually too busy and this affects the taste of the food. Make your concept basic and interesting.


Your customers are humans, and therefore have emotions. It is important to communicate directly to their emotions. If there are customized messages on your website or automatic replies customized on your emails, it is advised to make them as personal as possible. Do not let the customer get the feeling that it is an automated message being sent to them. Also ensure that the responses you give truly align with your customers’ experiences or concerns.


It is great to be stylish at the things you do, especially when it comes to the visible things around your street food shop. There are things customers may look at and become interested in your meals. You may create something unique at the entrance, a wash hand basin for example, or creating a table bell that has the shape of utensil. You may also put up drawings, or interesting and funny picture quotes. The things you put up must be things that make people smile or spark pleasant thoughts in their minds. When doing this, make sure that your shop has no negative review. This is because it is easy to detect the weak points of a business especially when it is trying to please customers.


It is important that you give people reasons to trust you from the first instant. This does not necessarily mean that they have to buy from you first before you can build a trust based relationship with them. You can have fliers, it is true that you already have your name imprinted on your boards, but it is important to give out fliers with the adequate contact information. Another way of achieving credibility is by ensuring that your staff wear uniforms. If the chef wears a uniform with ‘chef’ imprinted at the back, and the waiter wears his or hers too, it will be pleasing to anyone watching or approaching your shop the first time. It also makes it easy for customers to know who to speak to at any time. It is better than walking about with mufti wears, and making it difficult to differentiate the food shop staff from the customers. This is not the least tip, but also have a business card. It is more presentable than scribbling numbers and social media pages on a piece of paper.


It is also great to serve more than just meals at your shop, but also to talk about them. You can talk about your ingredients or recipe to your customers. You may also discuss the original cultures and communities where a particular meal springs from. This kind of conversation makes a customer think of you always, and may want to make a repeat visit at your shop.


You may be asked this often in different ways by people who are interested in your meals. Create an interesting story about how you became a person who takes care of other people’s nutrition. Make sure you always tell them what sets your shop apart from other shops, and ensure that what you say is not far from what you have.


Let people always remember you for the above tips we raised, and you will live forever in their memories. We wish you a great business time this summer.

Stay great always.

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