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Dear Street Food Owner What will Your Legacy Be?

Dear Street Food Owner What will Your Legacy Be?

Hello Street food owners, how has the year’s journey been for you? It may not be running smoothly but we believe you are doing well given your experiences. Have you done any major events this year? How about catering gigs? Have you been able to pull any of them off?

Beyond making meals and hitting off food sales, what else is your dream concerning your food shop? Is there a dream beyond the food making dream? How do you see your business in ten or twenty years? Do you dream to leave a legacy in your trail? Becoming a food entrepreneur is quite a huge feat and we must commend you for your confidence and your brave choice to follow your dreams. Just being in the food industry shouldn’t be your ultimate dream, it should be the beginning of your growth and journey to excellence. You should always revise your goals and make sure you are still on the path you always wanted to be.

We understand that success means different things for different people. We only want you to aim for the best you can be. Do you want to be known for making the best of meals in your community? Do you want your food shop to be the most popular in your area? Do you want your food shop to live beyond your generation? All of these answers to the questions are absolutely correct.

What you want your legacy to be is up to you. This cannot be solely achieved in your thoughts and imaginations. It must be backed up with positive actions. If you speak differently and act differently, your deeds are going to do the speaking for you.

You could decide to be known for your customer service skills. Put yourself fully into it and give your customers the best treatment. Put an ideal training system in place so that your employees may replicate your values easily. If you decide to make the best meals, then hire the most professional chefs. Experiment on new dishes and work out new menus for the food industry. You could have a great social media following, what you decide to excel in is up you but you must aim to be the best of whatever you are.

There are few factors you must put into thoughts while working towards these goals.


It has been proven many a time by great achievers that the secret to great accomplishments is returning again and again to do the hard work. It is always discouraging to keep doing the same things especially when they are not working out the right way. But consistence is the right way. When the right strategies seem not to work out, give it more time and persist.

Dream Big

If your dreams do not scare you, they are perhaps not big enough. This means that you must never be tired of your aspirations. They may scare you but they are achievable. Nobody must be allowed to tell you otherwise.

We want the best for you. We do hope that you are always after it.

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