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More Sales Strategies At Your Street Food Shop

More Sales Strategies At Your Street Food Shop

Hello Street Food owners, we never run out of sales strategies. Rather, newer tips are born and we do not hesitate to share them with you. How has the summer been for your business? We have received e-mails attesting to more sales at your street food shops. We hope that this is the same for everyone this season. How have our marketing tips contributed to the success of your food shop? Please share these with us and also point us to topics you’d love to read on our blog. We thank you immensely for your willingness to share this space with us.

Today, we are looking at ways you can advertise your goods better, and how your marketing can be top notch. Besides updating your social media pages and hosting events in your neighbourhood, there are yet other ways you can attract some attention to your food shop.

#1. Become a Food Blog Contributor.

There are local papers or blogs that are interested in the food industry. If you can write or have someone who can, you may want to start contributing to their column. This does not mean you are going to pitch stories about solely your business but about the great food businesses in town, referencing yours as a good example and also describing how you can work together with other chefs for a possible food fete. You can also pitch stories about how street food shops are opening up in your community to reawaken the love for food and hospitality. Even when you do not mention the name of your food business in the piece, when you sign off with your name and contact address, it will get people curious and some may want to contact you.

However, before you send an article to a news outlet, make sure that you are not expecting compensation. It is only wise not to expect to be paid when you are trying to advertise your business. You are going to get free publicity when the story is published so there is no point demanding payment.

Also make sure that whoever that is receiving this story is the right person and not someone in another department who many forget to forward your piece. To avoid such inconveniences, properly research the name of the editor in charge of that column you want to submit to.

Is your piece detailed? Always ensure that this is the case before putting any written work of yours out there. Employ the use of names, locations and facts. Your article should enlighten people.

#2. Have a Team to Spread the Word.

Almost every business whether emerging or well established works with a group of people who help advertise the products to the public. We usually see this kind of advertising with tea and coffee shops, and also big restaurants. But this could also be a good tip for the street food businesses.

First, make uniform Tee-shirts with the name of your shop stenciled on them. This energetic team of yours is going to attract a lot of attention when they spill into the streets with their costumes. Make sure that the posters and fliers your team will share out are colourful and attractive.

Furthermore, every member of your team must understand the idea of your food shop. This requires a brief training before they begin. Teach them what to say, and rehearse answers to frequently asked questions with them. If your team are made up of your fans and people who admire what your do, it will be easier and what they are doing will flow naturally.

This team of advertisers is more advantageous to your shop that other forms of marketing. This is because customers usually prefer holding live conversations with marketers to merely staring at an online ad.

Having this team of individuals work for you will be free because it is a volunteering position. You will however sponsor their logistics and provide them with refreshments which covers for the period of their assignment.

#3. Branding is Important.

Usually small scale street food owners use unbranded food packaging for their business. This is because branding is expensive and they are looking for ways to cut costs and make more gain. It is also expected that after lasting a while in the food industry, you should start sourcing for branded packaging. Branding helps to market your products when your customers are out of your shop. Branded packaging is attractive and always captures people’s attention. It also shows off your business name and make people start asking questions about your food. Posting your food online with branded packaging also makes you more noticed because your logo or name are already printed on the plates and cups.

#4. Maintain a Tradition of Reward.

It is important to reward your loyal customers. Be sure to make such offers open to the public. Tell all your customers about a certain amount they must buy up to before they qualify for certain offers. Put it up on your social media handles and also insert them in the marketing emails you send. The Reward culture encourages your customers to keep visiting your food shop. Always remember that you can only offer many reward programs according to your income. Be sure not to outdo yourself and go beyond what you have.

We hope that the few tips we discussed above will help you to a great extent in your street food business. We wish you all the success in the world.

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