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Avoid These Mistakes When Creating Videos For Your Street Food Brand

Avoid These Mistakes When Creating Videos For Your Street Food Brand

Dear street food shop owner, we want you to know that we are always excited to be in this space with you. It feels always amazing to speak to you and to your business through this digest every other day. How has it been for you this season? Are the sales increasing or do they stay the same? We have shown you many ways you can take your business to a great level. From many business strategies to social media pages management, there are just so many business related topics that we have discussed with you in this space.

Apart from making beautiful photos of your products, you can actually upgrade to creating great videos for your social media content. There are many reasons why making videos is a good idea. Videos engage people more than pictures. This means that videos attract more people and also increases their interest in your content. You may have a huge social media followership and probably do a lot of business with your pages, but making videos involves some work which may be what you were not used to. We do not expect it to be of course – your area of expertise is making delicious meals. Yet, as a business owner you are expected to learn and know as many things as possible.

If you are have not started making videos in your brand, it is important you begin now. If you have already begun, we are going to show you common mistakes you should avoid when making one. The major point of creating a video is to make something that will strike a chord in the hearts of your customers. It is important that you get it right and avoid these common mistakes made by almost every career person who makes videos for their brand.

Avoid These Mistakes When Creating Videos For Your Street Food Brand.


#1. Not Catching the Viewers Attention Immediately.

This does not only apply to videos, it applies also to written content. If you want to gain new customers and their attention with your video, then the first 10 seconds of your video must be interesting and catchy. This is the only reason to keep your viewers glued to the screen until the end. You must also take into consideration that there are thousands of videos uploaded daily on the facebook page by the users. There are so many options open to internet users. If you do not interest them from the beginning, you will lose them and they may never want to open your content again. Why? First impression. We bet you know a thing or two about that. What you say in the video is entirely up to you. You may showcase your meals, talk about a meal, how to prepare it. Whatever you say, why should a potential customer or an existing one want to listen to you?  Always bear this in mind when making your video.

#2. Giving Your Fears a Chance.

It is totally human to be afraid when you are about to do daunting things or take on new things that are quite different from what you know. Making videos may be a bit out of your comfort zone but we want you to relax and be calm. Nothing huge is being asked of you. You do not need expensive cameras with high image resolutions to achieve this. You do not also need a video person except you can afford it. Otherwise, your smart phone is enough to do the trick. All you need is to download few editing applications from Play Store and you will have the video quality you desire. Another thing you must ensure is the audio quality of your video. If your viewers cannot hear you, they will close the video and move on to other clips. You do not want this to happen, especially not after all the hard work you have put in. Do not forget, while making the videos, to add some bits of yourself so that the viewers will see the human part of you. Do not also make video with your selfie camera because the production will look more a casual video than an advert. Have someone video you to get the best results.

#3. Not Getting to the Point.

The first thing to prepare before making a video is a list of things to say or do in the video. You may want to go over them for some time until you internalize them. When you are quick and straight to the point, people will appreciate your video. You do not want to waste your viewers’ time by repeating yourself or staying on a subject for a long time. You do not also want to go off the subject and speaking on other things. These things repel viewers. Have everything ready. Glance at your list for reminder if possible. Start the action immediately.

#4. Ignoring the Call to Action.

It is okay to leave out the call to action if your video or digest is not about that. If your video requires a call to action, you must include it in the video you are making. Let the people know that after seeing the video, there are some actions expected of them. If for example, your video is about a new recipe you are making, and your aim is also to encourage people to try it out, you can include in your video an invitation to people to visit your shop and try out this new recipe. If there are going to be additions for new customers, mention it in the video. After the video, do not also forget to mention the call to action. Are there links to click on, or forms to fill, or would you like them to come to your shop for a taste of your meals? All you need to do is say it again right at the end of your video.

We encourage you to also invest your time and energy into digital marketing. It may be difficult at the beginning but you will be glad at the end of the day that you did.

Let us know if you have any question on digital marketing. We will gladly read your comments.

Have a great weekend.

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