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Marketing Strategies for Street Food Business Owners

Marketing Strategies for Street Food Business Owners

Dear street food business owner, has the year been favourable to your business? We hope that you have more business this summer, as opposed to the slow beginning of the year. In January, we offered you methods you could employ while combating with low business. Even when your shop becomes very busy, we never run out of strategies to suggest to you. We really hope that 2019 becomes a year of great success for you.

In every successful business are tons of business strategies that help to make the business flow smoothly and we are going to make few marketing suggestions to you.


You have heard us talk about sending out e-mails as a medium for marketing. This strategy can make a huge mark on your business and can increase sales for you. It is important to keep e-mails short and catchy to the reader. Few people have the time to read long messages on products they may have little interest in. you are trying to convince them to give you a try. So you must make your message brief and straight to the point. The best time to send mails is between 9am to 10am. The hours before this time is too early because most people are engaged with the hustles of the morning hours. The noon hours are not so great for sending mails because most people may have been stressed up from the day’s work and may have limited patience for marketing e-mails.


This is one of the topics we nail on at every point in our digest writing. We never stop speaking about it because of how important it is. Your social media content must be top notch. This is because your social media pages do not only serve as a marketing tool for you but also as an important image for your business, a page customers who wish to know some more about your business are referred to. People mostly judge you from the content you have on your social media pages, and most times they also make decisions to patronize you based on that.

Like we have mentioned in the old digests, you may employ a content developer to update your social media pages and publish interesting content on them. Create beautiful picture quotes and the pictures of your meals and post them to your page. Make interesting videos too, about your cooking and your serving.


E-mail marketing and social media presence are two of the ways to make yourself seen, and to make people know your brand. There are many other way to achieve this. You can design and share fliers of your brand in your community. Organize interesting events at your street food shop and spread the invitation to as many people as you can get. You can also send out push notifications to your e-mail subscribers. Partnering with festivals and parties are ways to make yourself and your brand known.

We wish that you stay amazing through this season and always.

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