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Things You Should Incorporate into Your Street Food Shop During the Slow Season

Things You Should Incorporate into Your Street Food Shop During the Slow Season

Hello street food owners, as you must have learned, some seasons are awesome. You pull in great returns in such times. Some seasons are equally slow, and in such times the sales may do badly. The climate in your city is also a factor. When these things happen, it is not your fault. It is the way the universe was designed. We will tell you certain practices you should incorporate into your business during such times.

The important thing is that you have to draw customers to your shop no matter the season. When you have many regulars and build a great customer base, your sales will not be that bad as it could have been. We want you to always find a way and move inventory, whether it is in the offseason or not. There are always many ways you can sell your food.

Things to incorporate into your shop


Always Give Them Reasons to Visit

 During the slow times, make sure you are always found on the internet, on your social media pages. You must be online always. This is to help you build a strong social media community. When you have such following, you can announce on your handles that you are making some special dish for the season. You must try to prepare something different, or a special version of a popular dish. This will throw a new light on your menu items and spark a new interest in your customers. In most food shops at this time of the year, food shop owners are serving almost the same kind of treat to their customers. This is why your new menu item will attract many customers, even those who are not keen about food at that time. We do not assure you that this will fast track your sales into what it used to be in the better seasons, but it is great that you can still make a way when things are down.

Be Constant on Social Media

Often the social media personnel get bored. Or even distracted by the events of the outside life. Whether it is the sports season or a festive season for the religious, or a stream of customers crowding your shop, never stop making posts on your social media pages. The reason is this; each time you miss posting on your page, you lose some percentage of engagement. Your silence could cause some of your followers to lose interest even if you return and resume posting with the same vigour. Also, some people who come to your shop during the slow season actually come because of your social media posts during the prosperous period. So the lesson here is: Do not post only when the weather is nicer or when the sales are great. Always engage your social media followers.

 Ready Your Customers for Every Season

Depending on your city, some food shops may shut down during certain seasons. If you are closed down for that period, it is time to go on social media and engage your followers. Make posts about how you cannot wait for the favourable season, about the treats you are going to offer. Conduct quizzes on your page, just to keep the page engaged and busy. Make pictures and videos of food, things that people will love looking at.  Make your posts engaging. If your shop is open during this time, this strategy is even more advantageous to you. Some of your social media followers would definitely pay you a visit because of your interesting page.

Make Weather-friendly meals

There are meals that are best for certain weather conditions. Find out which meals suit the weather in your city and make them when their seasons arrive. You could attach a hot chocolate drink to a meal during the cold seasons and also depending on the customer’s preference. You are the chef so you can improve on your ideas and concepts.

Launch a Loyalty Program

If you are out making sales during this time, it’d be great to begin a loyalty program if your business can afford it. This means that you could reward your customers with a discount or a gift after purchase. They will love to repeat visits because of what they stand to gain. You could create a reward for people who refer people to you. That way, your business becomes everyone’s business. Invest more time into your business. The software, Customer Relationship Management, is ideal for you for better customer tracking. You may contact a tech-savvy person to tell you all you need to know about such softwares if you’d like to use them.

Host Pop Up Food Sales

If you have already built a great social media following, and if you can afford it, you may offer pop up sales to your social media community. You may also extend it to the people on the outside. The idea is for people who hadn’t planned to eat to be drawn to your shop. Slot in the sales that begin on certain dates and end after some days. This will not only automatically boost your social media following; it will also have people returning to your page to check when you will be hosting the next one.

Try Power Marketing Mode

When things are slow for your business, you may consider building up your mailing list. You can create discounts for just your mailing list and people who follow you on social media. When doing so, remind them that they get such privileges just because they are on your lists. It will make them feel very special. You could also help your customers market their businesses especially if you have a high number of social media followership.

Work Your Hardest in the Best Seasons

You should try to work double hard in the seasons that favour your business. If your business prospers in summer, then work hard in that season to cover for the season of low turnout.

We wish you the best in the New Year, the best you can be.

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