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2019 Business Goals for Your Street Food Shop

2019 Business Goals for Your Street Food Shop

Dear street food business owners,

How has the year been for you? And this season, we hope that the sales haven’t been on the low side.  It may be quite early to talk about the year 2019 but it is better to prepare ahead of time. While focusing on this remaining part of the year, it is also ideal to talk about the New Year. That way we will not be taken unawares.

Now, we are going to ask, what will your 2019 goals be? Did your 2018 goals go as planned? If they did not, what will you do differently this time? If you succeeded with your goals, what will you do even better in the coming year? We want to give you three highly valued goals that will make your business journey a lot interesting in the coming year.

What will your street food business goals be?

#3. Hiring a new partner.

We say this because we are basing it on the fact that you may be running a sole food business and have been doing all the work alone. You may consider making the New Year the time to breathe. This goal is for you if your business gains can stay strong even after paying someone/people their salaries.  Hiring a new person also means expansion, because when the new employee joins your team, you must have to expand to other roles. This means more investment and more gain. Expansion may mean opening up another shop in a new location, or adding more items to your menu, or simply just having increased number of customers. If any of these kinds of expansion is what you have been dreaming to have, then invest into it and do it. It may turn out to be the best business decision you ever made.

#2. Making your advertisement top notch.

Every business needs to be seen, this is why advertisement is very important. Your food may be tasty but people must have to learn about you before coming to you. This is apart from customers in your community or neighbourhood. You also need to advertise so that it will be easy to refer someone to you. This said, in 2019, you may need to hire a marketing company that will manage your adverts with success, or you employ an advert manage whose job will be to manage your social media accounts and adverts. 2019 is the year you are to get very serious about these little things that matter. You may not have the time to post on social media on regular basis, but when you hire someone for that role, everything becomes easier and smoother, and the stress level becomes lower for you. Marketing alone can help you grow your customers and make more money. So it’s important to take it seriously.

#1. Pay Yourself some Salary.

It is common among business owners to pay their workers and skip paying themselves, because what’s the use? They think. The business is after all theirs. Well, in 2019, you must have to detach yourself from that line of thought. It is important to reward yourself whilst rewarding others. This is the only way you can save up some money for yourself. What will the money you save up be for? Well, it could be spent on self, on people around you or on your street food business which your life is presently about.

You could create more goals or a different list of goals from ours. But the important thing to have something keeping you on your toes, something you want to see achieved.

Let us know the lessons you are taking away from 201 and what other things you may want to accomplish in 2019.

We wish you the best you can be.


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