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Aim to overcome these Things at Your Street Food Shop

Aim to overcome these Things at Your Street Food Shop

Hello dear street food owners, we hope that you have been swimming hard against the tide. You will definitely win; all you need is more work in the right direction. This is why we are spelling out to you some of the things you must have to win in your street food business.

Whether you going to do the street food business now or you intend to join in the future, you must look out for these red flags which are not exclusive to only the food industry. If you have been in the industry for a while, we bet you will relate to some of these impediments.

Here’s a list to begin with:

The dissatisfied customers

The weather

The negatives

The sales

The shop maintenance



 The tiring hours

Being passionate always

What next to do

#1. Dissatisfied customers

They are an important part of every business and they cannot be avoided. Sometimes it appears as if they walk in on you every direction you turn. When you are faced with a dissatisfied customer, you must have to solve that problem before it escalates. You must also avoid repeating the same mistake or you will get bad reviews. Bad reviews are bad for any business because it easily scares off new customers. We have already discussed how to resolve conflicts with customers at your shop. This article should help.

#2. The weather

The weather could change at any time and nothing can be done about this. If there’s a bad weather, your shop could stay closed for the day. But there are certain things to do during a bad weather, especially if some customers show up. You could serve them hot beverages to warm them up.

#3. The negatives

These are people who discourage you easily when you are on a positive track. They are usually quick to hint the cons of every business you propose to do. The moment you decide to take on a business, the negatives will swoop in to discourage you. it could be your customers, friends, family, or reviewers. The tip is for you to learn how to cut from your life people who say nothing positive to you. Do not let them win, be focused on your task until you win. This will not stop them from trickling in; in fact, you will find them in every phase of life. What you must learn from this is to turn every negative situation to your favour.

#4. Sales

Sales are important because they are the reason your food shop sits in the street in the first place. Your aim is to get more customers and make more sales daily. If your food (product) tastes great, you will get many customers, therefore more sales. Your business will be threatened if there are fewer sales. This means that you have to keep inventing new strategies and also making your food the best in your business area.

#5.The Shop Maintenance

This is also a very important activity for the street food owner. Every malfunctioning material must be quickly fixed so that they do not disrupt the day’s business. Whether minor or major problems, they must be resolved. Bad equipments at your shop could lead to poor sales, bad food, and grumpy employees.

#6. Competition

This can be friendly or hostile, but yet it is healthy to have one. Your location affects your competition. If you are in a good place, that’s an addition for your business. Competitors may also lower prices to attract more customers, do not worry. Only sell at a sum that is fair to your business.

#7. Complacency

Complacency comes in when you are discouraged or uninspired in your business. We have talked about what you could do when you are demotivated. If discouraged, this could lead you into performing badly in your business. In extreme cases, the business may close down. So you must have a focus, no matter how tired or uninspired you are, that you are aiming for the top and you are not planning to slacken. Make your work exciting too; don’t make it a robotic routine scene for yourself and your employees. Dance and play, joke, while maintaining mutual respect.

#8. The Tiring Hours

These hours at your shop are dedicated to success. If you are a business owner, you must learn to shrug off sleep and stay awake in the wee hours of the morning. This does not automatically translate to success. Your skills and the information you have access to will help you grow further. So this is us telling to work and work. You could snatch naps in between the hours of the day but you must make it reasonable and brief.

#9. Being passionate

Being passionate about your business all the time is not an easy thing. There are times you may feel like throwing it all away and choosing another path. You may even feel that you detest cooking suddenly and may prefer something else. Each time you feel that zeal melting away, just remind yourself of the beginning, the reason why you started, how you felt, why you wanted this. Also think of what motivated you back then. There are always the on and off days, but make sure that the on days outnumber the off days.

We wish you the best in your business ventures.

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