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#4 Ways To Keep Your Employees Inspired At Your Street Food Shop

#4 Ways To Keep Your Employees Inspired At Your Street Food Shop

For the street food shop owner, there are so many worries filling up your business days. It could be the number of customers coming in, whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied, the vendors, the water and light supply, the taste of the meals, the general appearance of the shop and so much more. The above-mentioned are directly linked to sales and the primary business of the shop. But beneath the serious facial expressions of every food shop owner is the nudging worry of how to satisfy their employees and keep them motivated.

Most times people feel that the best motivation is a higher salary, this is sometimes true but it is cheaper to shower your employees with praise each time they do the right thing. Acknowledging the good that people do goes a longer way in keeping them inspired. Your food shop may most likely be a small one and you may not afford regular bonuses and raises, but you can afford a “Thank you. You have done well.”

As a street food shop owner, you can give bonuses to your staff if you can afford it. There’s the free meal treat too, free drinks, free snacks, amongst other things. We will discuss the most effective ones below.

Ways to Keep Your Employees Inspired

Way#1. Ensure A Positive Environment.

Every working adult spends the most hours of his/her working life at the work place. This means that if the work environment breathes negative vibes, the employee may end up frustrated and would want to change jobs. If your food shop is not positive as it should be, you would lose workers from time to time and end up always hunting for new people. You also spend more money and time on training. Your customers will keep seeing new faces which may bore them at some point and they may stop coming altogether.

First, make sure that your employees matter, their thoughts and views about everything should be taken into consideration. Always ask them what they think or feel about something. To make them more involved with the business, give them responsibilities and deadlines, and remind them that the success of such projects depends on them. Human beings are more spurred on when they are aware that certain progresses depend on their effort. Even the less smart employees should be given assignments to carry out. This is because people feel useless and detached from the present when they are in charge of nothing.

You could also command a lot of respect while being kind and understanding. Kind bosses are respected while mean bosses are feared, and respect begets better results than fear. When you are a kind boss, your employees feel bad for the business when they make mistakes. This is not the case for mean bosses. The employees fear instead what their reaction will be, and even try to cover up their errors with more errors.

When you respect them, and care about their growth, you create a healthy work environment for your employees.

Way#2. Teach Them Always.

When you have hired people to work for you, you must understand that you become a leader. What you teach your employees must go beyond the activities surrounding your shop. You have to impart in them your wisdom and knowledge about life in general. This will make them wiser and more useful at your shop, prepare them for long term goals and earn you their love and respect.

In your shop, you are going to have workers who just want to earn some salary and those who would like to have a career as a street food owner. Whichever one they are, ensure you teach them always and never hoard any information that will make them better. You must know the kitchen, the food, the service, the business, the accounts, and life in general.

Critique them in love and show them the right way to go. Firing your employee should be the last option on your hiring menu. Teach and train them for as long as you can afford to and monitor their progress. The only people you need to relieve from your shop are incorrigible workers who refuse to learn or improve. Also remember to keep your temper in check no matter how annoyed you are. Do not yell at your employees. Even while scolding them, do so with some respect for them and for yourself too.

Way#3. Remove Dissatisfaction From Them.

If you want your staff to stay motivated, you must make sure that they are satisfied at their jobs. While expecting them to do their best, also be aware of the problematic areas that may affect their speed and effectiveness. Encourage them and show that you understand. Take note of the extra efforts they put in and praise them. Your attention to these little details will make a stressful job very easy and enjoyable for them.

Do not be one of those bosses who refuse permissions due to emergencies or other reasons. You must understand that young people working for you also have other things going on for them. It could be school or other volunteer jobs they may be involved in while furthering their careers. This does not mean that you must condone people who are on and off at your food shop. Unserious workers are not the kind of people you need at your food shop. But you have to be understanding and be a bit less rigid when they send in requests for sick leaves and permission.

Way#4. Reward Them.

Like we always mention in some of our digests, recognizing and rewarding your employees are some of the ways to ensure employee satisfaction at your food shop. To create a real motivation, you could name an employee of the month, or gift a free meal to a hardworking employee. You should also recognize the outstanding people in the presence of the others, at meetings, at training, or at seminars.

You could also remember birthdays and send text messages or calls. You could make cakes too for every staff celebrating his/her birthday at your food shop.

If there are other ways you could show love and appreciation to your employees to motivate them further, please do so. We wish you excellence in your street food business.

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