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#8 Ways You Can Make More Money At Your Street Food Shop

#8 Ways You Can Make More Money At Your Street Food Shop

Hello street food owners, we hope that the business of food sales has been good to you. Making more and more money is every food business owner’s dream and this is why we have come your way this week with a lesson on making more money for your shop.

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Now let’s get down to business.

#8 Ways You Can Make More Money At Your Street Food Shop

#1. Know Your Operational Costs

As a street food owner, you must be aware of total cost for every meal and beverages. Cost here includes the cost of purchasing the raw food and the preparation process. This helps you to correctly calculate your profit margin and set your food costs. When you are setting your menu prices, it is vital to ensure that they are not too high for your customers. This is the reason you should partner closely with the vendors to make sure you are getting the best pricing and the correct food quantity for your shop. This helps reduce food waste and much expenditure.

#2. Get Into Catering Gigs

Whether it is a wedding or a sport event or a party, catering gigs are one of the best ways to make some money for your food shop. This is because they bring in lots of money after a day’s work. It is usually not easy to snag catering gig contracts but once you get one and does a great job on it, your good work will bring you recommendations.

#3. Have A Polite Wait Person

When you create nice first impressions at your food shop, customers are likely never going to forget how good you made them feel. To achieve this, you must hire a very polite and gracious wait person to welcome the customers into the shop. They could ask the customers’ names and also offer up their names to the customer. They also usher them to the customer’s preferable seats and then implore that they exercise a little patience for the waiter who would take their orders. These gestures are important for getting positive reviews for your shop.

#4. Review Your Customer Tastes

After some months in the business, you must have known already the meals that are the most eaten meals at your shop and those barely glanced at. This does not mean that you shouldn’t have a little of every dish in case a customer who loves that kind of food crashes in. However, it is great to put much energy in the well eaten meals and ensure that you never run out of them. Through all your wonderful dishes, make sure that your catering aligns with your customers’ tastes.

#5. Advertise

If you must get customers flooding in through the door, you must put in advertisements. It could be a word of mouth advert, the kind you do by just talking to people in your community, it could be other options. The social media, T.V, radio, and hand bills are some of the many options you could explore depending on your budget. Always try to attend events in your community so that you hand out your hand bills and also talk to people. You could also visit companies around you with your menu card and prices of your meals.  Invite them to try your shop out at lunch. This could bring you a small crowd of hungry office workers at lunch time

#6. Create A Takeout Meal

This is a creative way to have more sales without your tables being physically occupied. Many people prefer eating at their convenient places, at their offices or at their own shops, so if you create a popular menu reserved for doorstep deliveries, then you are about to get very busy. When you do this, you save customers’ time and also make more money for your shop. Please note that the prices of your takeout meals should not be outrageously high as this could cause you to lose a customer.

#7. Train Your Staff To Know Your Business Better

We can never emphasize enough on the advantage of training the people you hire and helping them to understand what you are about. Hold weekly meetings at your shop as a way of keeping them on their toes. Have weekly reviews too. It is also important that your staff tastes all meals on your menu so that they can better explain the taste and ingredients to a customer who is trying to make a choice. Teach them also to make suggestions to the customers about other additions they could have on their order. This breeds more profit for your shop.

#8. Learn More, Know More

Acquiring more knowledge on what you do does not attract money immediately but it will definitely lead you into more profit if you are consistent with exploring more knowledge. It is important that you know more about food sales, business tips, advertising techniques, leadership skills, administration skills, food industry amongst other things. There’s nothing you learn that can ever be a waste for you. Learning can constitute reading online articles, books, reading posts and comments on social media pages, listening to discussions on the radio and television, attending seminar and conferences and festivals related to your business. When you apply what you know to your business you gain more money. So take advantage of information that comes your way and remain smart always.

We wish you the best in the coming week.

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