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Food Options You Should Add to Your Street Food Shop

Food Options You Should Add to Your Street Food Shop

Hello street food owners, we are excited to come your way this week with another topic carefully chosen for you. As always this is all about the advancement and better sales for your food shop. We are going to talk about certain options you should add on to your menus to help you boost sales. Most of the time, no matter how interesting your shop may be, some customers will get annoyed if you do not have some common food options on your menu. However, the food that should be on your menu must be in high demand. Meals that are barely asked for shouldn’t be on your menu or you will be running losses making them.

Going forward, there are common meals that cut across people’s diet preferences and are often demanded. These options should not dominate your menu but from what you already have, you can add on these options to make your menu appear more considerate and interesting.

The Food Options You Should Add to Your Menu

  1. Vegetarian Diet.
  2. Vegan Option.
  3. Popular Dishes.
  4. Children’s Meals.
  5. Seasonal Treats.

Vegetarian diet

Out of the hundreds that trickle into your food shop, about half of them may be vegetarians, and you have to find a way to satisfy their needs and not turn them away hungry. We understand that your food menu is already flooding with meat related meals, so you must be wondering why a vegetarian would bother to stop by. But then it is possible that you are the closest food shop around or that your advert had gotten their attention and they decided to try you out. If you have meals that suit their diet, it becomes a plus for your shop. In the coming weeks, you may have a repeat vegetarian on your hand.

Remember not to take on food services that you cannot manage. Ensure that the meals you prepare for your vegetarian customers are the most perfect they can find around.

Vegan Option

Like the vegetarian diet, many people are beginning to tilt towards the vegan option and it would really be great if you have something to offer a vegan lover who saunters into your food shop. You must be wondering what else to do since your menu is filled with meat-related dishes. But you can step out of the ordinary and do something creative.

You could make and advertise vegan burgers and other vegan snacks. There are also simple but delicious vegan soups you could make to suit them. The fact that you can do something extra would increase your customer base.

Popular Dishes

Most of the time, food shops are reluctant to add well known dishes to their menu because they have become so common, and because many people are interested in trying new dishes. You can make a creative addition to such dishes. You could make them come with vegetables, salads or other additions. When you present your menu in a unique way, your customers would order the same things with the thought that they are ordering new meals.

The whole idea is for you to bring in your creativity to make old popular meals become addictive to customers.

Children’s Meals

Another trick to being unique is considering the fact that some of your customers may visit your food shop with their families.  You do not want to have the adults eating while their children are hungry. It pays to have a little something on the menu for children. We know these extras will stress you and your team but nobody said that excellence is easy to come by. It will cost you if you want to be extra good. Adults who can find meals that suit their kids at your shop would rather also eat at your shop than go elsewhere.

Seasonal Treats

There are meals that are best during certain seasons and if your serve them too, you are going to be the best food shop around. You could sell cold salad and ice cream during summer and sell warm soup during winter. To make it even more interesting you could run special announcements of your seasonal treats and also do promotional sales for everyone who comes around to eat.

Remember, these extra efforts are tasking but do not forget the destination: to get to perfection and nothing less.

We wish you the best this week and always.

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