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Three Things You Must Never Ignore At Your Street Food Shop

Three Things You Must Never Ignore At Your Street Food Shop

Hello, street food owners. We hope that the good days at your shop outnumber the bad days you have had. Truly, running a business, a food shop more so, requires a lot of hard work and consistency. If only cooking were enough, then the food business wouldn’t be so tasking. This does not mean that cooking tasty dishes isn’t important. In fact, a tasty treat is one of the souls of every food business. But because it is no longer about only food but about making some profit from it, there are so many important factors that must be taken into consideration.

Meanwhile, how has it been with us on this trip to excellence in food business? Do our topics resonate with you or touch an experience you have had? How have our past topics helped your business go forward? You must wonder why most of our digests are customer service related. This is because a great customer service equals great business, and because the taste of your food is secondary, one of the last impressions a customer will get. The first impression is your attitude towards him and his needs.  So in all, when you Plate and Present your food properly, when you effectively Resolve Disputes, when you Obey the Ten Customer Commandments, your Street Food Shop Becomes a Home Away from Home for your customers.

Going forward, we put together three things you must never ignore at your food shop.

Let's begin the countdown.

Three Things That You Must Never Ignore At Your Street Food Shop

  1. The Customer Service

The importance of customer service can never be over emphasized. It is the face of your shop, the first thing your customers see before they taste your food. If your customer service is poor, you end up losing customers before you ever have the chance to gain them.

In our time, there are hundreds of businesses offering the same services as you. The internet has made it even easier for customers to locate other varieties to the services you offer. This means that a person is not satisfied with what you offer, his options are a click away. In most cases, people do not mind going very far from their areas just to eat and experience a great customer service at a particular food shop that makes them happy.

As you may have noticed, food shops are very easy to find as there are many of them. So your customers could easily disappear if you or your staff treats them wrongly.

If you want to stay relevant in the food industry, to keep the crowd coming, then you have to take your customers seriously. You must ensure that they are satisfied. If a problem arises, you must solve it because your customers are the people who keep you in business, who keep your business alive.

  1. The Satisfaction of your Street Food Crew

To bring the best out of everyone in your food crew or team, you must be kind and praise their efforts always. Even when you scold them for an error, do so with love and always give them a chance to improve. Your staff may share the same passion with you, but do not forget that it may always be a paying job for some of them. If you want a perfect and effective customer service, you must have a happy food team. You must also ensure that your staff is enjoying the work, you may not achieve this always but you can still try. Try getting their morale up and being a good leader. Make sure you obey the rules you make, do not make yourself an exception to rules.

If you have a grudging team, it will always show on their faces and spoil business for you. Just like you care for your customers, you should also care for your team. Show them love and care.

1.Your Food

The quality of your food is something that must never be ignored or taken for granted at your food shop. It is easy, when so many customers come flooding in, to just rush through your cooking to be able to satisfy the crowd and get the food quickly to them. But you must never allow your customer’s prompting to lure you into making a low quality food. When you serve a poorly made meal, customers will never make excuses for you. So this means that it is better you serve a great meal five minutes late that a bad meal ten minutes early.

Always remember that food is your product, maybe your only product so always insist on quality. Train Your Crew at your street food shop how to ensure that the quality is high or your customers will find another food shop.

You must know that there is no loyalty when it comes to food. Once it is bad, people simply walk away.

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