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How to maintain excellent customer relationships

How to maintain excellent customer relationships

We hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. We did and we are excited to be back on our usual grind. If you followed us up last week, we talked about How to market your Street food Shop like a Pro, and we hope you learned with us those great tips.

While last week’s lesson was centered on marketing, this week we will be talking about customer service as it is equally geared towards getting you more customers which is our ultimate goal. We will be talking about managing and maintaining customer relationships, how your customers can leave your shop smiling, and other ways to have your customers and fans returning for more. If you want your food shop to be the talk of the town in few years to come, you must create a good impact with a great customer service now.

Why is customer service so important?

Let’s begin already!

Great customer service is the spice to your business.


We asked some food shop owners what their priority for their shop was. Here are some of the answers:

“Making the tastiest burger ever”

“Preparing the right food the right way. Always.”

“Finding a vantage point for more visibility.”

Do you see that not one of them mentioned service? What will your own answer be?

These answers are great aspects of your shop which must not be ignored, but all of these factors will amount to nothing if you are not considering your customers’ needs a priority.

Your customers are the life of your business and their patronage fuels your business. When your customers are grumpy your street food shop cannot stretch to the next level. This is the reason it is very important to plant smiles on the faces of all your customers.


The five-step tips to excellent customer service


      1. Greet in a friendly way

       2. Listen to them.

       3. Pay them attention

       4.Serve them with smiles

       5.Thank the customers and wish them well.

The above steps may sound simple but you must know that they require some effort and constant practice until they move from being a mere routine to being a natural characteristic of your shop.

  •  Greet in a friendly way: You must welcome each customer with a greeting. Your friendly greeting can be worded in many ways. ‘Hello, we are glad to have you.’ or ‘Welcome, what would you like to have.’ Or ‘Hi, how has today been?’


Ensure that your smile is genuine and pleasant enough to bring life to a tired soul. You can create your own unique greeting, something a customer should look forward to.

  •  Listen to them: A customer’s reason for stepping into your food shop is to eat, and so he/she will definitely place their orders. Do not be in a haste to walk off after greeting the customer. Help them settle in. Ask where they may like to sit. Pay attention to the details of their orders to avoid making mistakes in your servings. Nothing pisses a customer off like being served the wrong food.

Also tell them about new meals on your menu if you have any, on-going promos, and other additions they may want to try out. Answer all their questions concerning your menu in a friendly way.

  •  Pay them attention: You have taken your customer’s order and you must work smoothly between preparing the food fast and paying him/her some attention. While a customer is waiting for your food, you can keep him/her occupied.


You can start up conversations about their work, your cuisine, and food generally. You can equally entertain them with good music while working away on their orders. If your shop attracts a crowd you cannot handle alone, you can employ someone specifically for the purpose of keeping your customers entertained. In whichever way you choose to keep your customers occupied, it is better than just ignoring them.

  •  Serve them with smiles: No matter how stressing the day has been, do not let it show on your face. Always smile while serving your customers. This leaves them with a positive impression about your food shop and a desire to come back again. Do not forget to ask them if there is something else they need. This makes your shop feel like a home away from home.


  • Thank the customers and wish them well: Always remember to thank your customers and let them know you are happy they chose to patronize your shop. You can say things like “Thank you for visiting. We will be glad to have you again.” Ensure your appreciation is sincere and heartfelt. This gives your customers a valued feeling.




Your experiences will differ with different customers. Some will be rude no matter how nice you sound while some will be polite, but it is important that you are consistent with your service. Everyone who visits your shop once will definitely return again or recommend you to a new customer. Follow the steps we enumerated above with your customers and have them visit you over and again.

Next week, we’d come your way again with another interesting topic. Until then, tell us about your customer service experiences and what you do to keep your customers happy while they wait. How do you greet your customers? How do you thank them? Comment below or send us a message on our Facebook page.




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