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How to Market your Street Food Shop like a Pro!

How to Market your Street Food Shop like a Pro!

Hello, street food owners, it’s been a while and we are glad to be back.

Today we have prepared an excellent lesson for you on how to excel on your street food business. There’s actually so much you can do to take your business to the next level but we will only take on a couple in this article.

Social media, as we know, is presently the world’s most efficient marketing tool.  Every food shop must have a professional website and a noticeable online presence for effective marketing.

Now, let’s get into the real thing!

1. Building an Email List.

While the Facebook and Twitter and Instagram pages are important, it is also important to your business to build an email list. The reason is this: when you have an email address of someone, you now have this person’s contact and can easily slide into his/her message box to drop information concerning your sales, promo, new stock, and giveaways. It is not always possible that all your messages get read by all the recipients of your email, but it is highly likely that about 50% of these people read and look forward to your business information.

2. Working on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

We have talked about email marketing as a tool of great marketing outreach, but before building an email list, you must have made your business known on the internet. Internet users must be able to find your business when they search street food shops.

How do you achieve this?

The answer is simple. The local search engine optimization!

What the SEO does is that it helps you get noticed so that instead of your shop being buried underneath the thousands of website results generated by google, it makes the first page results granting your website more visits.

 When setting up your website via Shopify or Wordpress, you must pay attention to the SEO and ensure the keywords contain words that food customers would likely input in google when searching for a food shop. Here’s a link to know more about SEO.

3. Organize a promotion.

It is expensive to run a promotion for your business but once you can pull it through, it is quite rewarding. Promotions are important because people get easily attracted and would want to know what is going on. Oftentimes, people will want to buy off something because of the cheap rates.

However, many business run promotions but here are some of the tactics you can adopt to make yours top notch and effective.

  • Give out samples: When you give out free meals, you are encouraging more people to stop by your shop or tell other people about your shop.
  • Run a special sale: When you organize promotional sales where people buy one and get one free or where customers get percentages off the original price, it is an effective way of getting and keeping a customer.

We will come your way next week and hopefully with another interesting topic. We are committed to working with you to take your street food shop to the next level. What do you think about this article? Leave your comments below or on our Facebook page.



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    Thanks very much Kenneth, you can always count on us for more, every week.

  • Kenneth - April 03, 2018

    Very informative need more.

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