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How to Run an Eco Friendly Street Food Business

How to Run an Eco Friendly Street Food Business

Dear street food business owners, we are elated to share this space once more with you. We do hope that you are having a busy year, and more importantly, a happy one. There’s never really an end to learning. So if you are new to street food business or out to learn how you can improve, this letter is for you. There is always some expenditure to do in your business, the electricity, the water, the utensils and other equipment. There’s also the new trend of making your food shop friendly to the environment. We’d love to show you how you can run a shop that preserves the earth while at the same time grooming your gains.

Street food shops are quite popular among the common folk and cuts across to the middle class. They have been around for a long time and they keep evolving to suit the times. The meals are inexpensive and tasty and this is why street food shops hold down food lovers for as long as possible. It is equally important that you go completely green in your food business so that the next generation would have a piece of healthy environment to themselves.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption

You have to select your suppliers carefully. They have to be people whose values align with yours to a great extent. This is the perfect time to decide what you will need to cook them. Is it an oven or the stove or the gas cooker? You may need a cooler space. The idea is not for you to get the cheapest items but to acquire equipment that expend the least energy. The pro is that getting equipment that help you consume less energy helps you save a lot.

Waste No More

Large wastes are usually associated with food places. When you use plastic wares and glass wares, this is bound to always be the case. This can be remedied all the same through the use of biodegradable packaging. You can introduce takeaway meals with the takeaway food packaging to your customers. In many cases, except for people who just want to sit out at your shop and relax, it saves time for the customers. There are biodegradable paper packaging that you could also use to serve your customers who want to eat at your shop. These utensils do not only give out a great natural scent, their appearance makes the food very palatable for any food lover. You could still reserve the glass and plastics for your customers who may prefer to be served with them.

Substitute Fuels

When you burn a lot of fuel at your street food shop, you are not only wasting money, you are also being quite unfriendly to the environment. This is the reason why you must find alternate sources for your cooking and the general running of your shop. If you run entirely on electricity, it is great for your business. You could also power your shop with solar energy, and perhaps opt for wood-fired ovens. This way you decrease you expenses and preserve the earth from harm. Your source of power both for your shop and for your cooking are in fact the major contributors to your savings and how environment friendly you are.

Not Forgetting the Basics

How you started out may or may not play a role in your advancement. The most important thing is to keep learning and pushing past the boundaries and limits. Before starting out your business, you must have to make enquiries on the neighbourhoods where street food businesses are allowed or where they thrive. You may need a permit after all so it is always safe to be sure. You will also need a business name that reflects what you represent. Your aim is to draw people in. Establish to the people that you are a representative of the environment. This will attract them to you and convince them that each time they eat from you, they are protective of the environment. Financing your street food business is a very daunting experience but you can help through banks and private investors. We advise you to start with little so that you do not spend too much money than you can make from your business.

Be Green

This is about business promotions which we tell you about in most of our digests. Get into the social media and get your business page running. Send out tweets and posts about what you cook and about your greenness. Offer promotions and discounts. Serve free appetizers to repeat customers who have eaten at your shop for up to ten times. This will serve as an act of gratitude and an invitation for them to keep returning. You can enjoy the career you love while bringing food to every empty stomach and saving the earth. Cut out clear goals for the future, always keeping in mind your hopes and dreams for the next hour, the next month, or the next decade. There will be a lot of hard work but you must remain geared up to face anything, to do anything.

We wish you the best as March kick starts.

We wish you the best this year and always.

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