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What are you doing in the coming week at your Street Food Shop?

What are you doing in the coming week at your Street Food Shop?

Hello street food owners, we hope you achieved considerable success since the last time we shared our digest with you. A new week is about to be thrust upon us and we ask, what are you planning to do in the new week to gain more sales at your shop? Often, you should ask yourself business questions. When you measure your success on weekly basis, you will have more fun discovering the rate at which you are going in such a short time and the pace you would have covered by the end of the year. Equally, if your business is not advancing the right way, your weekly results will reveal this decline and help you trace what the problem is. We want to give a few more business tips for your food business in the coming week. You can apply this in any other week and in other side businesses you may be running.

The things you should get busy with in the coming week.

Keep Linking up with Catering Gigs

This may add more stress to your table already as there is always so much to do. But we advise that you do not postpone this because it is very important for food businesses. Also, do not wait for the right time because there is no perfect time for anything. We want you to infuse major changes into your business from now because now is always the time. Why do we suggest catering gigs? Catering gigs are sure ways of making extra money at your food shop. They also help with publicity, like advertising your name to a wider public. There is a very high probability that people who attend the gigs will seek you out in the near future to get a taste of what your food shop is like. Once you land one gig, you are likely to land another and another until you become a known food shop at such events. Gigs help you strengthen your network. You stand to gain business friends, partners, and customers. You also attract more experienced people who can offer one or two business tips for your business strategies. You may be very busy but do not ignore what catering gigs can bring to you and your business. Begin now to search one out and see how it goes. It is usually daunting when trying new things out, but at the end of the week, you would be glad you did.

Stay Motivated

There is always a chance for feeling low somewhere in the week. It happens to the most inspired people in the world. So it is important that you expect these feelings even in your most inspired moment. This is what you should do. Always harvest every chance to be motivated. Go online and find videos and picture quotes that speak about being motivated. Read people’s stories, watch Ted talks, listen to interviews. Always get yourself geared up so that in your low moments, you will have things that keep you strong and going. You should remember that the only way to gain the kind of success you want is to keep moving, whether you feel like it or not. The most successful people are always at work, it becomes a part of them, a way of life and they do not allow their feelings to get in the way. You must have to throw in your best at every moment. You may want to think about why you started this business in the first place. Such thoughts may motivate you. If you opened the business for the wrong reasons or for the reasons that aren’t strong enough to motivate you any longer, you should think about the reason you came this far.

Improve on your Shop’s Standard

We have mentioned and discussed this under many sub-topics in our numerous digests — the need to make your food shop as interesting as possible. Create fun for your employees while they work so that they can have fun and enjoy the job. Add some music too so that your customers can have fun while they eat. Good music lends serenity to any environment and is definitely a great companion for meals. Music equally has the power to attract more customers to your shop. Train your employees effectively on the art of receiving and attending to customers. Make your customer service top notch and your shop will become people’s favourite eating spot.

Evaluate Your Competition

You must be ready to learn about your competitors, be aware of them and also learn from them. What are they doing right? What strategies do they employ in certain situations? Get closer to these competitors and learn a thing or two from them. The tips you get will definitely give your business a raise.

Be Consistent

Everything we have said above is supposed to be a routine in your business life. You are not to observe them only once in a while. This is because consistency is the key to reaching any milestone in life. When you undertake these activities daily, they become a habit, and having money making habit is such a great virtue in your business. So this is how it should go: look out for chances to improve, make your networking skills stronger, and expose your shop to chances to become known to the public.

Do Not Forget to Make Sacrifices

We never fail to include this in most of our digests. Building a great business requires that you let a lot of things go, things like your sleep, your TV time, amongst other activities. The truth is, if you really work hard enough to reach your goals, you will miss out on many things. Your friends will let go of you and this means that you will barely have friends.  Your family will miss you always. You won’t always be available for family gatherings and events. But this is the ultimate prize for success. You must choose what means most to you and cling to it.

We wish you the best this year and always.

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