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Things That Could Make or Break Your Street Food Business

Things That Could Make or Break Your Street Food Business

Hello street food owners, you must have read today’s topic so many times, spun in multiple ways. We are talking about the things that could make or break your street food business. From making or supervising meals, to employee management, to inventory, to catering gigs, to social media presence, you are doing so much already. The list could go and on. You probably lose out hours of sleep daily. Owning and successfully managing a street food shop is not a child’s play. So we must commend you right away for being at the top of your game.

There are always many other things to worry about in business. The easy way is sort them according to their order of priority.

Have you thought about things that could make or break your street food business?

They are:

The Business Plan

What’re your business plans like? A business plan is the internal organs of your business. It is vital for you because it outlines the present and future of your business. If you are thinking of walking up to an investor sometime, you would need a business plan, because it clearly shows where you are going to. Anyone who wants to invest some money in your dream must want to know where you are headed. In some fields, you would not be able go forward if you do not first of all produce a business plan.

The Menu

If you have a street food business, your meals are your priority. I bet some experiences must have taught you that a well organized food shop and top trained personnel cannot pardon badly cooked food. Food is the number one product in the food industry. That said, how can you ensure that your meals do not lose their quality? One of the ways is to be unique and be you. Do not try to replicate exactly other people’s methods in your cooking. There are food shops who adopt simplified menu and some who go with complicated menus and it all works for them. This will not work for everyone. Most of the time, it is safer to adopt a simpler menu especially if you are in a busy area of your community. Customers who have little time on their hands may get impatient trying to decide which meal to go with, especially when your menu is filled up with so many meals. Simply put, if your meals aren’t good, you will keep getting only one time visitors. Make sure that your menu is working for you. Create a menu that draws attention to your best meals. You can change your menu according to the seasons too if you can manoeuver that successfully. If you detect the people’s favourite, do not fail to make it the exact way every time.

The Customer Service

You must have read about this in some of our past digests. To treat a customer right is a compulsory rule in business or they would not come back. Some customers may become so angry that they leave you a very bad review online. In this age when people first check their choice of shops online before venturing in, that could break your business. If your negative reviews outnumber the positive ones, then you have a big problem on your hand. Make everyone who ventures into your street food shop important, because without them you wouldn’t be in business in the first place. Hold conversations with your customers. Share jokes with them. Laugh with them. Do not just serve them food and simply move on to the next order. Always apologize when they bring up complaints, and try to solve the problem too. Do not respect only people who place large orders, and then disrespect people who order in small quantity. Every penny contributes to your staying in business. Engage your customers online too. Send in comments on their personal lives; birthdays, christenings, weddings. Attend their events if you can. Help advertise their businesses too. Build your own street food community, and your business will remain unbroken.

It is tough to be successful and this is why we are sending you all the love and strength you need.

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