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Tips for the Weekend at Your Street Food Shop

Tips for the Weekend at Your Street Food Shop

Hello street food business owners, we want you to know that we are your fans always. We cheer you all the time because we want you to win. How have our past digests improved your business? We have received many positive feed backs from our readers and we hope that you also feel that way about them.

Today, let’s give you the tips for weekends at your street food shop. What do you do to make your business better? What are you presently doing too? Like we always say, if you want to thrive in the street food business or in any business at all, you must put in extra work, something special that other people may not be doing. Ideally, food business owners never take a break. They are constantly working hard and that is what you should be doing. Whether your weekends are Saturdays and Sundays or Mondays and Tuesdays, you must have to put them to work.

Now let’s look at the tips for the weekend which every street food business owner should be aware of.


You must have the mindset that when you are sleeping your competitors in the business are getting ahead of you. So you must hustle always whether it’s a week day or a weekend. The idea is that you must think work even when at rest or asleep. When you become successful, you must not relax. In most cases, as you advance and gain prominence, you lose more hours of sleep.


If you have a time when your business is not busy, like on weekends, you should not relax. That’s the best time to strategize and think further on the decisions to make and the things to do. Every moment of your business life should be dedicated to thinking on how to get ahead. Even when you are already successful, the hard work continues. This is because success does not have a peak. It dwindles the moment you leave it untended.


Don’t be distracted and do not lose heart. Every successful person gets lots of distractions daily. And they also have loads of temptations coming at them from time to time. It is usually easy to give up but we are telling you today that giving up isn’t an option. You must stick to the conviction that you will scale through the hurdles. You must have to make sacrifices and choose the less trodden part if you want to stand out from the crowd. When we say sacrifices, we mean that you’d have to work Friday and Saturday nights while others are out in clubs or parties. This does not mean that you should not rest when you should. Please take a break when you are down so that you can function properly again. But do not enjoy or look forward to the idea of taking a rest.


Discover what every other person is doing. It is normal to know something and think that this is what every other person knows. When you explore the industry, you’d be shocked to find how much differently others are doing things and how much you do not know.  So it is important to build a network with others who know better or who do something that’s related to what you do. It’s okay to talk or pay a visit to people who do the same business with you. The weekend is the best time to do this. You’d definitely get information that helps.


Catch up on the little things during the weekend. These little things make your business better and must not be ignored. We are referring to things like your social media pages. Use this time to schedule posts for the entire week. Reply messages and chats. The idea is for you to use the extra time to catch up on things and people, and all those things that put the extra spice on your food business.


Make sure you are enjoying yourself. This is what matters in everything. Cook great meals. Make happy customers out of your clientele. Make your street food shop a place people come to and feel at home. Give the best customer service you can. You began to make food for money because you enjoyed cooking in the first place. So keep having fun.

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