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What to do When You are Demotivated at Your Street Food Shop

What to do When You are Demotivated at Your Street Food Shop

Hello Street food owners, we hope the business season was quite eventful for you. We are now moving into a new season and we know that business has slowed to an extent. It is possible that no matter how much you have achieved, you could be demotivated at some point. It happens to the best of entrepreneurs so you are not alone.

There are a couple of things that could demotivate you. It could be bad business or few customers which brings down business. When you are not feeling motivated you can take a walk down the park or listen to songs. You could also watch videos that will inspire you to do more. There are many things you could do to gain your confidence back. It all depends on you. We are writing you this digest to tell you how to permanently solve the problem and not just shrug it off and have it return for another day.

This is what street food shop owners should do when they are feeling demotivated.

When we tell you what you should do in this situation, you can internalize it and fit it into your life, because these things work differently for people. There are people who feel that demotivation is such a small problem, but when it happens over and again, it becomes a big problem that may negatively affect your business.

When you are not inspired your productivity reduces greatly and you feel bad about yourself. The reason you became a street food business owner is not to grow complacent at any point. A dream worth dreaming is worth bringing to reality. When your sales drop, your employees lose confidence and will not be able to put in their best in your business.  You could also not be living your best life.

Understand the Reason.

The first thing to do when you feel this way is to sit down and find out why. Most times, you may feel demotivated because you are afraid. Sometimes you are afraid of failing in your business or waking up one day and finding that there are no customers to buy from your shop. You may also feel low because you set high goals that cannot be attained easily. It could also be that you are bored with the repetitive pattern that your life is taking. Whatever it is, it can only be resolved when you confront it. When you get a clear picture of what the problem is, you a step closer to having your enthusiasm for business back.

Find someone you can talk to.

When you feel this way, waste no time mulling over it. Find someone close who understands you and share your worries. This person may be motivational kind of person or generally a business savvy friend. You could have conversation that is not business related, but your heart always feels light after talking to a loved one. You could listen to jokes or good songs or watch a good movie. It depends on what frees your mind. The idea is for you not to dwell for too long on your demotivation but to combat it.

Sleep is Power.

Demotivation comes with its own stress. Sometimes, it leaves with a tired mind and brain which reduces further your ability to be productive. So, sleep when you can. You will definitely wake up refreshed and strong enough to think of a way out of the problems.  When you wake up from a nap, you solve your problems faster than you imagined.

Don’t wait it out on your Smart Phone.

It is easy to curl up and stay stuck to the screen of your smart phone the whole day. But even that is not the best thing. You should try not to seek solace on the social media when you are down, because you end feeling lower and sadder. The social most times paints life in an unreal picture which we all are forced to believe. When your life is moving in an otherwise direction, you feel sadder comparing your life to the lives of people on social media. It is best to avoid the internet at this time except you are reading up motivational topics or watching helpful videos.


Taking a walk is not only reserved for sports or work out time. It is also great that you stretch your bones and move around your environment. The colours and the smells may ignite something in you, and you could be lured back into your usual grind. Walk to places that run the same business as you – coffee shops, street food shops, restaurants, hotels, bars. Watch the energy and the enthusiasm and see whether you could tap some. When you take a walk, you would find people who are sweating it out, working hard on their big and small tasks. By walking, you realize how much time you have thrown away feeling low. You will be in haste to go back and bring the magic in your street food shop.

We wish you the best in all your endeavours, and especially at your street food shop.

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