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How to Increase Your Marketing Chances At Your Street Food Shop Through Social Media

How to Increase Your Marketing Chances At Your Street Food Shop Through Social Media

Hello Street food owners, it’s majorly about the internet these days. From the social media to online markets, the world moves at an amazing speed in the virtual space. We come your way today with more marketing tactics on how to gain more customers through your social media fan base. As an advanced street food owner you already know that opening social media accounts for your business is a must have for you, and these pages must be active and feature posts that are related to your business and your customers’ businesses. Facebook and Twitter are the major platforms to begin with. You could follow related businesses on these platforms and see the kind of posts they put up and how you can brand yours differently.

You could get more tips on internet marketing by reading up our digest How To Market Your Street Food Business Like a Pro. Today, we’d be talking about how to manage your social media pages and make them to be as unique as possible. We would give hints too on the kind of posts that work effectively for street food business owners. If you are ready, we will get started on what your social media pages should look like on a daily basis.

Social Media Tips for Street Food Shop Owners

Naturally, new business owners spend a lot of time on the social media trying to promote their new businesses and also to get noticed. But once the business skyrockets, we all get so busy and tied down with it that we stop paying enough attention to our social media platforms. What we need to establish is this; where do our customers come from? These sources that generate customers for you are the places you must pay attention to.  You must guard them from losing their worth in your business.

You may dismiss the social media as a waste of time because you aren’t getting lots of patronage from it. But with the right content and the right amount of time, you will get twice the value of what you are putting in.

There are so many businesses whose social media presence has taken their sales to another level and has retained their position in the business world. This is the reason why so many businesses work hand in hand with the social media. It may not necessarily be the major thing you need to improve your business but it is still a needed tool.  You could measure how much social media affects your business by checking the number of visitors who come to your page and who access your website by clicking the links. You could also see whether any of the clicks generated a sale. If your fans are more your customers on any of the social media platforms, then you should focus on such platform.

What to Do

You could track the perfect time to put up ‘food is ready’ posts so that you could get responses by way of visits. What times of the day do people get mostly hungry? Do you post your meals at such hours? You could post pictures of yummy and well plated breakfasts that make people look forward to dining at your shop every morning. When you promote what you have on your menu always, you’d have a good number of people depending on your street shop for morning treats. Without social media, do your sales decrease or stay the same? The answers to these questions would help you measure the real effect of social media on your business, what you can improve and all else.


What You Should Be Doing On Social Media

Some street food shop owners must be wondering, I have social media presence, so what? How much time am I supposed to give this? What exactly will I doing in all of those hours?

To answer these questions, you must determine what exactly you’d be bringing on that page. Everything you decide to do, make sure they all lead you down the money lane.

To begin, it is important that you engage your followers with posts and tweets. You could find picture quotes or design your own according to your want. For personalized designs, you could check some apps like Canva, Picmonkey and their likes. You could post photos, publish posts and share links. Always be certain that everything you share is linked to your business. You do not want to confuse people and waste their time. If you are very busy then you can reduce the time you spend on social media by scheduling your posts for the week. You can reply to messages or comments or send a word of gratitude to everyone who makes your page a go-to place. If your social media fans are so many and they are active, you may have to hire a social media manager who’d be managing your pages effectively.


Scheduling your posts is most convenient for you. Daily posting is tiring and discouraging and also kind of puts you under pressure. So it is better you devote an hour of one day to design and schedule posts for an entire week or for a chain of ten days.

You could run four to six posts per day on your pages. Remember not to do too much or too little, just keep it simple. What you post could be life picture quotes of your favourite authors or cooks, or pictures of your meals or other sayings that are in picture form. When you do this, your content will not read like it was squeezed from a tired mind. It will be creative and of course, you will not run the risk of repeating posts. So you see, scheduling allows you to be awesome while being relaxed.

Photos Are Magic

The truth is, photos are your better options than written posts. Millions of written posts stay unread but a picture compels people to see it whether or not they’d love to. This means that you should focus more of capturing the best picture modes of your meals, your shop, your staff, your customers (if they are up for it) , the appearance of your shop and all else you can lay your hands on.

You can make your pictures finely edited by using some Picture editing apps like Picmonkey. When you capture the snapshots of simple life moments at your shop, it goes to show how beautiful your mind is and many people would like to visit.

Play a Little

We have already mentioned that your posts necessarily do not have to be all about your food shop. You can post random jokes about hunger, or food, or any other thing and ask your fans whether they agree or not. This must not be found on your page all the time, so you will post this only once in a week or two. Such posts (whether pictures or posts) are meant solely for entertainment and must not give another impression to the reader. It must not demean another and offend their sensibilities. Once you have posted it once, you get down to the usual business-tone of your posts.

Share Your Posts in Other Groups

There are thousands of Facebook groups you could join to promote your business. You may search it out or find out from other food shop owners or from a food shop you admire. You could join over ten groups and share your posts in them each time you put it up. At the end of the day, you’d find out that your post reached a large number of people and that there were many clicks on your page and link.

Link Up Your Posts

Whether you are publishing a written post or a picture, you must endeavour to add a link to your caption. It could be the link to your website or a link to a page on your website where they could place orders for meals online. You could increase your chances of getting more online orders by running discounts for online orders. Remember, this could be as low as possible and you can do it only if you can afford it.

We hope you enjoy being in this space with us as much as we do. We look forward to sharing our thoughts with you in the coming week.

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