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Why You Need a Website for Your Street Food Business

Why You Need a Website for Your Street Food Business

Hello street food owners, we hope that the past week was quite favourable to your business. Do you set daily and weekly targets, in other words short term goals? If you did, did they all come true? Even if they did not, do not give up. Nobody said it was going to be busy.

When you open a street food business or any other business, you are usually plagued with endless worries. There are worries about making the best meals and attracting customers that would keep coming. You want your customer service to be top notch. You want to make the best of sales, and you equally want to hire people who live the same dreams with you or at least strive to keep your business alive. One important thing to create for your street food business is a website.

If you dream to own a successful business, a website is one of the must-haves. Some people underrate the effect a website will have on their business that they go on without one. But this is not true. Creating a website for your business comes with many advantages.

Why You Should Have a Website For Your Street Food Business

First, a website tells your story better than you will ever do, because it tells your story when you are not there to give the details. A website is also a great tool for marketing. For some who know how to manage it, it is actually the greatest tool for marketing. Your website helps convert many numbers from the daily millions of google visitors to your website. That may mean more recognition and more sales for your shop. Another advantage of owning a business website is that you can show off your food to food lovers without them visiting your shop first. A website is the gateway to social media pages because the point of having these pages is to direct your fans to your website. We are going to elaborate on these points one after the other.

A Website Tells Your Story

With a website, you can buy into hearts of people who’d never have met you in person. Your story here can be told briefly or lengthily depending on your choice. When you display your menus on your website, you are telling your story because it is a way of showing the world what you are about. After a detailed display of your dishes, you can now share the links to your social media pages to garner more followers and fans.

As Marketing Tool

When you have a website, you are longer just a physical food shop in your community, you also have become an online shop and you are going to be known beyond your neighbourhood. You could set up online orders through your website so that people could book their lunches or dinners ahead of time. This will also help you set the quantity of food you’d be making.

 It is also a website that gives voice to your social media pages and helps you post links that will redirect your fans to it. Another great advantage is that your food becomes easily noticed by tourists or visitors who come into town and are looking for where to get meals from.  Do not forget that this will mean more customers and definitely much food will be consumed at your shop. So brace up.

People Meet Your Food Before They Meet You

This point is good for your marketing, having the chance to show people what you serve before they ever meet you. This is where perfect Plating and Presentation of meals come in. Every picture you are sending to the internet must be well plated and with colours that can easily catch attention.

This is also the reason you should create and maintain functional social media pages to match your website content. Make sure you have many pictures of your menu and your shop. If possible capture the pictures of the customers eating at your shop. You can post these pictures on your social media handles and on your website. You should also ensure that your meals are pure delicacies that are worth the advert and the attention. Pictures alone will not bring all the attention you need; you could make videos of your chefs making meals, or of waiters serving the meals. These moves will attract more attention to your shop.

Google is Magic

We have mentioned the importance of SEO in one of our posts. This is where it comes in handy, in google. Every product you put up must have SEO so that your website can rank high when google visitors begin their online search for meals. When you are not ranked among the first five websites on the google results page, you may likely not get many visitors on your website because people barely go over to the second page except they do not find what they need on the first page.

Your e-shop

The world has become so digitalized that anything can be sold online, even food. The advantage of owning a website is that visitors who storm your site would likely buy your products and pay you online before ever coming to your shop. So in your case as a street food owner, when people order your treats online and pay, you keep their meals in perfect shape at your shop and ready them to be served once they arrive. You could set up other helpful options to help the website visitors navigate through the site.

With the above points you can pull more traffic to your street food shop and become the star you have always wanted to be. We wish you the best in the coming week.

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