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This Season - Your Street Food Business Goals

This Season - Your Street Food Business Goals

Hello Street Food owners, these days Thursdays seem too far away because we cannot wait to share the same learning space with you.

Whether things are going alright with your business or not, you must have set up goals which you work hard to meet. What are they, your goals for the season? Are your goals mostly long term or short term or both combined? It is important that you set up achievable goals, simple goals that is, that can be reached easily. When you set up difficult complicated goals, they wear you out and you break under the weight of trying to accomplish them. So you should make goals that will lead to an end – success. As a street food owner your goals could be anything; hiring the best employees, making the most delicious meals, snagging great sales, expanding your street food business or opening another one.

Before You Begin…

Before you start setting goals, you need to note the areas your business needs improvement in. You may know these areas in the passing but you need to write them down for future reference. Taking this time to note down these challenges helps you determine the strengths, weakness, threats and opportunities.  There may be new customer preferences also.

Goals Goals

First, your goal must be specific and not confusing. You should focus on one goal and achieve it before moving to the next one except the goals are somehow linked. Second, your goal must be measured so that you would be able to recognize or know when you reach it. Also, the goal must be achievable and before you settle on it. What this means is that your chosen goal must be something that is equal to the time and money you have. Your goal must also be important to your business. Increasing the number of staff at your shop, making great meals, could all form part of your attainable goals.

Whatever your goals are, be rest assured that you can meet them if you follow certain guidelines.  These guidelines will help make your goals easier to achieve. Make sure to have a reasonable deadline written down and pasted in a conspicuous manner.

  1. Create a schedule and fill up the lines with your goals.
  2. Create deadlines and be serious about keeping to them.
  3. Create goals that are well-defined and tasking but attainable.

Now How to Hit Your Goals

When you have your list of goals, you have completed a major step. Now we must create ways to achieve them. The next thing to consider is time frame, when to begin and the expected end date for this goal. You could also write out what your possible actions within this time frame may look like. Then which people are going to carry out what action? Are you going to be doing everything by yourself? Are there other people to help? State your budget and other resources you have that will be spent in reaching this goal. You should state what your desired results would look like, how to know you have achieved your goals.

Every time you hit a particular target do not forget to reward yourself and the people who helped you with that milestone.

We wish you your dream success at your street food shop.

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