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Tips for Email Marketing at Your Street Food Shop

Tips for Email Marketing at Your Street Food Shop

On the second day of August, Streetfood Packaging gives to you:

Tips for Email at Your Street Food Shop.

Through the past weeks, we have treated so many topics ranging from marketing to customer service. These digests touch almost everything that’s involved in food sales. We tailored these topics to suit your business as much as possible even if you are not into food sales.

Some business owners must find it strange that emails could serve as a marketing tool. Some small businesses find this possibility confusing. But many businesses have ended up making much out of email marketing and increased their profit.  A good number of google users detest giving out their email addresses to strange requests and cannot be faulted because of the volume of emails that usually disturb subscribers but with the below tips, you could have as many subscribers as possible.

#Tip 1. Simple Sign Up Steps

There are pages with complicated sign up steps and this can easily put off any website visitor. You must ensure that your sign up protocol is easy to unravel and can be operated with little or no assistance. Make it bold and clear so that it would be easily seen on your page. You could also add the sign up boxes for Twitter or Facebook and any other social media platform where you have a presence. You should also try not to ask for too many details from the customer on the sign-up form. This is because a customer may get discouraged when too many personal questions are required from him or her.

#Tip 2. No Spam!

This is like the golden rule of email marketing. So many businesses drive away email subscribers with unwanted messages. As some of you already know, it is tasking to get people to submit their email addresses to you or to linger and like your page.  When you finally get the loyal people, it is important that you do not drive them away. We mean, do not send your customers unwanted messages that could bore or annoy them. You should send such general messages to only people who specially requested for them, and when sending, be sure that they are specifically marked for the receiver with his/her name. You should also make your messages brief when sending out because some people find business related messages overwhelming. Like we already said, mark your messages to show who you are and what you are about. This helps your subscribers in deciding whether to read you or not. Also include an unsubscribe column or button for people who no longer want to receive your news letter. This gives them back their power of choice.

#Tip 3. Always Have a Message

If you can spare some hours and send out emails, then the message you are passing must be worth it. Nobody wants to open his or her email and see messages without reasonable objective. You could inform people of things like this; new product alert, price changes especially if they are cheaper than the former, discounts promotions, product alerts, and other related and meaningful messages. You could monitor the number of website visitors you have, this helps you to know whether the e-mail marketing is effective. In all of this, be sure that your meals, which are what the emails are promoting, are of great taste.

#Tip 4. Be Consistent

One good tip about handling a business is being consistent especially with the things that are yet to work out or already working. No matter how busy you get with business, you should endeavour to keep doing those things that you are known for.  You could be regular without crowding up your customers’ inbox spaces. You could send mails once weekly, respecting their spaces and still being there at the same time.

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